1. K

    New efteling hotel

    There will be a new hotel and some enterance plaza changes at the horizon for the efteling https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/18523/Ontwerpen-uitgelekt-van-nieuw-hotelcomplex-bij-Efteling-entree.html
  2. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Vogel Rok [Indoor Rollercoaster]

    Time to ride a classic ride created in RCT3. For some reason I never posted it on the forums here. Its compact and nicely paced with the music and the effects. Take ride on the Vogel Rok! Vogel Rok is a high speed thrilling rollercoaster through the Sinbad fairytale, where Vogel Rok takes you...
  3. Geeky Pastimes

    Holland and Movie Park April 2019

    This is my first trip report and being done on my phone in a hotel room so apologies for any weird formatting. Pictures are here: Day One: Walibi Holland and Burgers Zoo We got an early flight from Norwich to Amsterdam and rented a car to drive out to Walibi Holland. Only took just over an hour...
  4. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Joris en de Draak Reupload

    Here another reupload from 2013. Vekoma Indoor MK themed to Efteling's Joris en de Draak legend. It joins my vekoma indoor coaster series. Now I have plenty of them with many diffrent themes. From Paris to the Draak swamp lol Have fun!
  5. vaugc002

    15th - 19th April - Efteling/ Toverland/ Efteling TR

    Aged 26, I finally managed to plan and execute a proper theme park trip. My tour started in The Netherlands and finished with Germany, running from Efteling to Toverland and to Phantasialand. It’s a pretty well-documented route but I’ll add my two cents for you to enjoy/ ignore as you wish. I...