chessington world of adventures

  1. James W

    Merlin's 10 Coaster Deal with B&M?

    Merlin's 10 Coaster Deal with B&M? Hi guys. As lots of us already know, Merlin have seemingly struck a huge ride deal with B&M, so I felt this warranted it's own topic where everything was in one place. As the table shows below, there's eight confirmed additions across the Merlin parks and two...
  2. Matt N

    Thorpe Park vs Chessington World of Adventures; which London area Merlin park do you prefer?

    Hi guys. Merlin Entertainments, the owner of the 4 biggest theme parks in the UK, has two Resort Theme Parks in the London area; Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures. In spite of these parks’ identical owner and close proximity to one another, they are very different theme parks...