1. Matt N

    Strongest roller coaster for airtime at Alton Towers?

    Hi guys. Airtime is becoming an increasingly "in" thing on roller coasters, and with this in mind, many enthusiasts feel that an airtime-focused ride is something that Alton Towers, the UK's largest and joint most coaster-heavy theme park, currently lacks from its coaster selection. But I'd be...
  2. Matt N

    Can floater airtime truly be considered airtime?

    Hi guys. I was reading the most recent trip entry on Richard Bannister’s website (which is an excellent read by the way! I’d certainly recommend checking it out; he’s ridden nearly 3,000 coasters, so has a wealth of excellent reports to read from a wide variety of parks!) from Busch Gardens...
  3. Slamming Coastercore

    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    As enthusiasts, we can see where airtime should be. We look at those beautiful hills and hope for violent ejection or blissful floater, satisfying the negative G force addiction many of us have. Often these deliver exactly how we want but also similarly they have the ability to disappoint and be...
  4. Matt N

    Do B&M hypers produce actual negative g-forces?

    Hi guys. B&M hypers are an incredibly popular coaster type among parks across the world, and for some, they are among the ride types you think of when you think “airtime machine”. But on the subject of airtime, I have a question about B&M hypers; do they actually produce any negative g-forces...
  5. Matt N

    What coaster has the strongest airtime, in terms of the actual level of force?

    Hi guys. Many of us often cite coasters as having strong airtime; particular examples of coasters that are praised for their insane airtime include rides like RMCs, El Toro and Skyrush, to name just a few. But the question I'm asking with this thread is; does anyone know which coaster has the...
  6. ashcoaster3

    When will an RMC be in the UK?

    Who thinks the first RMC will come to the UK in a few years?
  7. ashcoaster3

    Favourite coaster drop?

    OK so this does not have to involve your favorite ride. My favorite coaster drop was actually Knigtmare's 2nd drop at Camelot (now defunct and abandoned). Wasn't a great ride but I thought the 2nd drop was very powerful and gave great air time. Love the steep twist and steep bank.