1. Matt N

    Icon or Wicker Man?

    Hi guys. As the two attractions have each been open for a solid year now, I'd be intrigued to know; which of the 2018 duo of new UK coasters do you prefer? Now, I understand that these two are very different attractions; Icon is a Mack Rides launch coaster, whereas Wicker Man is a GCI wooden...
  2. Matt N

    2018 Golden Ticket Award winners announced!

    It's that time of year again, guys! The GTAs are back, and the event was hosted at Silver Dollar City this year! Here is the list of winners, taken from Behind The Thrills: Best Theme Park: Europa Park-Rust Germany (5th year in a row) Best Waterpark: Schlitterbahn-New Braunfels, Texas (21st...
  3. James F

    Hansa-Park & Lübeck Sightseeing

    Hansa-Park is one of those places that has held my interest since the installation of Fluch Von Novgorod back in 2009. It's not a big park by any means and at a first glace it doesn't seem like a ''destination park'' that is worth travelling abroad for, but honestly what this park lacks in...
  4. CoasterWild

    50th Anniversary of Astroworld's Grand Opening!

    Come Friday the 1st of June and we'll honor Six Flags Astroworld (June 1 1968 - October 30 2005) in Houston, Texas with the 50th Anniversary of its Grand Opening! What were your fond memories of this theme park?
  5. Pear

    Darien Lake | Tantrum | Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    Darien Lake unveils plans for new vertical drop roller coaster Source This ride is a clone of Iron Shark and will be replacing the log flume.
  6. GuyWithAStick

    Oaks Amusement Park | Adrenaline Peak | Gerst. Eurofighter

    Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon has announced that they're getting a Gerstlauer Eurofighter next year! Based on the stats they've given, it appears to be a clone of Hydrus at Casino Pier: But, they're letting the public name the coaster(oh what could possibly go wrong...)! Here's the...
  7. GuyWithAStick

    Sand Serpent @ BGT to become enclosed for 2018

    http://touringcentralflorida.com/2017/06/23/sandserpent-busch-gardens-tampa-enclosed/ Sounds like an interesting move. Although I am not a fan of the Dark Knight at various SF parks, I think something like this could be a very nice experience if done correctly.