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  1. Thecoasterrus

    Trip to Phantasialand

    After being delayed multiple times by different circumstances, I finally got the opportunity to visit Phantasialand. As you will all know not only does the park include the world class coaster 'Taron', but it is also an extensively themed park that even rivals the likes of Disney and Universal...
  2. Thecoasterrus

    Your Dream List

    Due to the announcements coming out recently for new 2019 rides going to parks around the world, unfortunately not all parks get this 'exclusive' treatment, so I thought it would be interesting to see what people would want from their local parks if the parks had massive budgets and next to no...
  3. Thecoasterrus

    Hansa-Park & Lübeck Sightseeing

    Hansa-Park is one of those places that has held my interest since the installation of Fluch Von Novgorod back in 2009. It's not a big park by any means and at a first glace it doesn't seem like a ''destination park'' that is worth travelling abroad for, but honestly what this park lacks in...
  4. Thecoasterrus

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    So Pleasure Beach Experience just uploaded a video sharing their predictions for the pleasure beach within the next 10 years. They discuss how you have to be realistic when thinking about the restrictions that the pleasure beach has such as the limited budget they have, which got me thinking...