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    Working ride op abroad? Experiences?

    I’ve done it at few parks and it’s always been fab! Highly highly recommend doing it if you’re interested. Have a google of work america and look on the theme parks of particular interest to get started. Some/ most of the visa schemes have job fairs/contacts with US employers which include a...
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    Flash Pass - Six Flags Great Adventure

    They just want you to leave something so that you have an incentive to return the device. They’ll take you’re driving licience no issue (and personally I wouldn’t want to leave something as important as a passport with them). Once I didn’t have my driving licience on me and they suggested...
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    Unfinnished Business | FINLAND |24th - 26th Jul 2020

    So excited for this! Got my flights booked already! And happy to be goon chauffeur for the weekend.
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    How many days per park?

    I think that’s a solid plan 🙂 If you wanted to, you could do Dollywood between Kings Island and Carowinds, great park and breaks up the journey.
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    How many days per park?

    You could easily do all those parks in a day each if you’re only focusing on the major coasters, avoiding Saturdays and you should everything in a single day at those parks. Thing with Cedar Point is that it’s right on the lake so more prone to weather shutdowns than the average Park. So...
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    LoG 2020: January Submissions

    Date = 4th January 2020 Park = Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Roller Coasters Euro Coaster (aka Christmas Coaster) x1 (new cred) Family Achtbaan x1 (x1 back row, new cred) Magic Mouse x1 (x1 new cred) Racing Coaster x1 (x1 back row, new cred) Wild Mars XXL x1 (new cred) Olympia Looping x1...
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    League of Goons 2020: Registration

    London, UK
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    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    That’s looking like a great, varied line up! I already have a bigger trip planned over Easter so won’t be at Liseberg, but interested in all the other U.K./Europe ones. Tempted to do the East Coast and then directly onto Finland. Is anyone else thinking of doing the same?
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    LoG 2019: December Submissions (closes 15th Jan!)

    Date = 7th December 2019 Park = Winter Wonderland Rollercoasters Family Coaster x1 (new for 2019) Olympia Looping x1 Points added = 40
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    LoG 2019: December Submissions (closes 15th Jan!)

    Date = 1st December 2019 Park = PortAventura Park Rollercoasters El Diablo x1 Furius Baco x1 Shambhala x7 (x2back row) Stampida (Blue) x1 Tami Tami x1 Tomahawk x1 Water rides Grand Canyon Rapids x1 Dark / flat rides Street Mission x1 (New for 2019) Hurakan Condor x1 Wild Buffalos x1...
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    LoG 2019: November Submissions

    Date = 30/11/12 Park = Ferrari Land Rollercoasters Red Force x3 Junior Red Force x2 Water rides N/A Dark / flat rides Racing Legends x1 Flying Dreams x1 Other attractions N/A Shows/Parades N/A Coasterforce Points CF Live - Coaster Red Force ———————————————- Date = 30/11/19 Park = Port...
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    LoG 2019: October Submissions

    Date = 19th October 2019 Park = Six Flags St. Louis Rollercoasters American Thunder x2 Batman the ride x2 (x1 back row) Ninja x1 River King Mine Train x1 Screaming eagle x2 (x1 back row) Pandemonium x1 The Boss x1 (x1 back row) Mr Freeze Revenge x1 Water rides N/a Dark / flat rides Justice...
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    LoG 2019: October Submissions

    Date = 12th October 2019 Park = Liseberg Rollercoasters Helix x7 (x1 front row) Lisebergbanan x3 Valkyria x3 Balder x2 (x1 back row) Rabalder x1 Stampbanan x1 (x1 back row) Water rides Flume Ride x1 Dark / flat rides Loke x2 Jukebox x1 Upswinger x1 Other attractions Mirror Maze x1 Hotel...
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    Intamin OTSRs; like them or loathe them?

    Loath these restraints, the gel padding was a great improvement, but the mid thigh bar is still too thin to disperse the impact and it ruins what could otherwise be great rides, I don’t particularly enjoy Maverick and it’s solely due to the restraints. I love the Intamin T-Bars and I get they...
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    LoG 2019: October Submissions

    Date = 5th October 2019 Park = Energylandia Rollercoasters Hyperion x7 (1st Train of the day, x1 front row, x3 back row) Zadra x6 (x1 front, x2 back, New for 2019) Draken x1 (x1 front row, new for 2019) Frida x1 (x1 back row, new for 2019) Formula x1 (1x back) Dragon x1 (x1 back row) Mayan x2...
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    LoG 2019: September Submissions

    Date: 15th September 2019 Park: St Nicholas Park Rollercoasters: Runaway Train x1 ( 1 x Back Row ) ---------- Date: 15th September 2019 Park: West Midland Safari Park Rollercoasters: African Big Apple x 1 ( 1 x Back Row ) Rhino Coaster x 2 Walls Twister Ride x 1 Flats: Disko x 1 Pirate Ship...
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    LoG 2019: September Submissions

    Date 14th September Park Thorpe Park Rollercoasters Stealth x2, (x1 back row) Nemesis Inferno x1 Walking Dead x1 Saw x1 Colossus x1(x1 front row) Swarm x1 Flying Fish x1 Dark/Flat rides Rush x1 Points added = 65
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    LoG 2019: September Submissions

    Date 7th September Park Walbi Holland Rollercoaster Untamed x4, New for 2019. Golaith x3, Last Train. Lost Gravity x1 Speed of Sound x1 El Condor x1 Xpress platform 13 x1 (back row) Water Rides Log Flume x1 River raft x1 Flats Topsin x1 Madhouse x1 Coasterforce points CF Live: Untame my...
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    LoG 2019: September Submissions

    Date = 1st September 2019 Park = Flambards Village Theme Park Rollercoasters Hornet x3 (X3 front row, 1st train of the day) Dark/Flat rides Skyraker x1 Space Race x1 ———————————————— Date = 1st September 2019 Park = Camel Creek Adventure Park Rollercoasters Airbender x2 (new for 2019) Clown...
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    LoG 2019: August Submissions

    Date = 31/08/2019 Park = Crealy Adventure Park Rollercoasters Maximus x1 Shark Bay x1 (x1 back row) Twister Rollercoaster x1 Flats Flying Machine x1 Flying Dutchman x1 Dino Jeeps x1 ————————————- Date = 31/08/2019 Park = Funder Park Rollercoasters Wacky Worm x1 (x1 back row) Points added = 72