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    Walibi Rhone-Alpes | Mahuka | Intamin Hot Racer | 2024

    Some more détails: • THRC 600 people/hour • Base ride hardware priced around €5.5M • max airtime -1.1G (camelback after outerbank top hat) • double top hat was demanded from Walibi/Compagnie des Alpes from the start, to provide a visual icon • Exotic Island new land will follow a dark vs...
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    Walibi Rhone-Alpes | Mahuka | Intamin Hot Racer | 2024

    Was onsite today. Some photos: I translated the park's press release for your convenience: Walibi Rhône Alpes introduces MAHUKA, its new-for-2024 attraction! Unique in Europe - celebrating the most waaa amusement park's 45th anniversary! For about 45 years, Walibi Rhône Alpes has put...
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Any Giovanola fanboy (or fangirl) over here? I seem to be the only one. Though it is more a case of "What could have been?" if Giovanola stayed in business. Imagine a third Swiss coaster supplier. Just as smooth as B&M, but more willing to take risks. The Tilt coaster model by Giovanola looked...
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    Bad moments on good rides

    The ending spike/brake/turntable on Batman @ Parque Warner Madrid. The ride stops with so much wasted momentum so soon after launch 3 it gives me whiplash. The ride's duration is very decent (dare I say, sufficient) but this sequencing feels like the blast of LSM kinetic energy could have been...
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    It isn't as far fetched as it seems at first glance. For your information, Valerio Ferrari, Zamperla's top salesman, had a brief stint as Intamin's co-CEO from 2018 to 2021. Source:
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    Great Coaster Names That Haven't Been Used Yet.

    Celsius would be a great counterpart to Hersheypark's Fahrenheit
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    How would you improve each coaster in your top 10?

    Sunac Land Nanchang didn't get the memo apparently.
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    Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?

    Hyper Coaster @ the Land of Legends. Surreal experience having a 60m tall Mack Hyper all to myself. Still a majestic ride despite the lesser train weight. Superman the Ride @ SFNE. Visit on a rainy Monday in November = walk on rides on what is still a top notch Intamin to my eyes. Lech Coaster...
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    Merlin's 10 Coaster Deal with B&M?

    Much agree with you both @roomraider and @Pokemaniac with a small caveat: B&M would as such step outside their market niche (reliable capacity monsters) into a considerably more competitive market segment. I am very curious what selling point will B&M emphasize against the competing and well...
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    Fury 325 vs Intimidator 305

    Rode both many, many times in 2019. Fury offers the more consistent all-round experience. Speed, twists and airtime I305 goes over the top with its intensity, has "snappier" twists, ok airtime... but its trim brake disrupts the pace and makes the whole experience uneven. Oh, and the restraints...
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    How are you spending the Platinum Jubilee weekend?

    Frenchman here. We're sharpening the guillotine! Wait, it's not 1793 anymore. Not to get too political, from the perspective of someone living in a Republic, at least your politicians do not seem to think they themselves are the King.
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    Defunct attractions that if brought back would add something to their park

    Eagle Fortress back to Everland. The park would still offer one of the mightiest 1-2 punches in the entire world, with T-Express and this epic terrain suspended. Hypersonic XLC, if resurrected in a reliable way, would still deliver a launch experience unlike anything else in the Western...
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    Park with the most extreme quality gap?

    Some parks have an all-round quality line-up with no stinkers, others... do not. Let's talk about the parks who have the widest (and/or wildest!) range of excitement from "Top 10 material" to "among the worst coasters ever"... Some examples I have in mind: Energylandia Zadra is currently my...
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    Your Coaster Years

    1992 - Big Thunder Mountain, Paris (coincidentally also the first coaster I ever rode, neat) 1993 - Batman the Ride (SFGAdv) 1994 - Nemesis 1995 - Hyperspace Mountain, Paris 1996 - Colorado Adventure 1997 - Alpengeist 1998 - GhostRider 1999 - Afterburn 2000 - Millennium Force 2001 - Expedition...
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    Great rides that just lack… something

    Let's nit pick! Hyper Coaster at The Land of Legends Mack Coaster's first ever hyper layout (in its second iteration there in Turkey) offers a promising mix of airtime and non-traditional hyper elements like a Looping and a Zero-G. Some elements however, still lack some intensity and/or...
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    Best Defunct manufacturer?

    This. Would have LOVED to see Giovanola's Tilt Coaster see the light of day too.
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    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    80ish rides on Goliath at Walibi Holland one day in 2005. Empty train, stayed on my seat for dozens of repeated rides. This made me an Intamin fanboy for life :)
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    How many different number 1s have you had?

    Goliath, Walibi Holland (June 2005 - November 2015) Expedition Ge Force (November 2015 - June 2018) Steel Vengeance (June 2018 - Present) SV wins by sheer quantity of airtime - aided by some really fun sideways hills too.
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    Coasters that deserve a full re-track/makeover...

    Eh... Goudurix? It's got similar "iconic" status to Dragon Khan relative to the French amusement park scene - being a photogenic multi-looper that used to be the main draw of the park at its opening. I'd be curious to see if a retracking, reprofiling and update with new Vekoma trains can make...