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    On-Ride Photos!

    My Special Friend...
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    Alton Towers - 11/8/12 - 12/8/12

    Ride Count (Over the two days): Oblivion x10 Nemesis x3 Air x2 Th13teen x1 Sonic Spinball x1 The Flume x1 Congo River Rapids x1 Hex x1 Our Accommodation: We stayed at The Chained Oak B&B which is basically a stone throw away from the park itself, you could here all the early riders on...
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    The Best Theme/Amusement Park In The UK?

    So, what do you guys think are the bet theme parks in the UK? Im not just talking about the rides, I'm talking about the atmosphere, use of scenery,etc. Well i have a seriously low coaster count which means i haven't been to many parks but ill do my best. Ride Experiences: Thorpe Park: I love...
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    Your 2011

    My 2011 I had 4 parks planned this year, and i only managed to get two done, but saying that they were defiantly the biggest two. planned for 2011 Thorpe- Went and had an amazing time, hadn't been for 4 years so it was nice to be back. Blackpool - Never got a chance tbh, but its defiantly...
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    No Limits Help, Information and Requests

    Ok thanks, expect an inbox pretty soon, i saw the small print xD
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    No Limits Help, Information and Requests

    ahh thats a bummer.... im rubbish at hand building aswell, do you know any others that are mac compatible ? :)
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    No Limits Help, Information and Requests

    Ill get you the shot of the text in a sec :) And ill be annoyed if it is, isn't it originally a mac game, and then the added a windows version? :/
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    No Limits Help, Information and Requests

    Hope thats clear enough :)
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    No Limits Help, Information and Requests

    Hi Guys I have just downloaded newton 2 on my mac for no limits, and when i open the folder, all i have in there is the readme.txt and newton2.exe. when i click on the exe i just get a load of writing that i cant understand, do i have to do something else before i can use it ? Thanks for the...
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    Merlin Fatigue

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    Your Coaster Wish-List.... Top-5

    What coaster's or flat rides are you most eager to ride???? Mine would have to be this. 5.Oblivion 4.Top Thrill Dragster 3. Nemesis 2. El Toro 1. Boulder Dash
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    Merlin Fatigue

    Sorry, its just all i see.. and i know its not a bad park, its in my books the 2nd best in the country for rides... so why does it get all the stick ? :/
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    Merlin Fatigue

    What is wrong with you people, theres nothing wrong with Thorpe, it might be full of chavs, but is it their fault!? all i see is Thorp's S**t on this site and it really P*ss*s me off! :/ And i said merlin attractions? and ive only been to Thorpe once in about 3 years.....
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    Merlin Fatigue

    Im actually extremely lucky! My dad works for Coca-Cola and we get around 75% off all merlin attractions, so when me and my mate went to Thorpe Park we only paid £10 each! Also Coke pay for all of my dads petrol that he uses in the UK. So a trip to any merlin attraction does not cost alot. so...
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    Thorpe Park 21st May 2011

    is that what you all thought i meant! i haven't even been on nemesis yet! :P
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    Thorpe Park 21st May 2011

    I hope you guys know i meant Nemesis Inferno! :P
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    5 best UK rides/rollercoasters

    Top 5 1. Colossus (Front Seat) Absolutely amazing, it's going to stay at the top for a very long time! 2. Saw - The Ride, Fast paced and just an enjoyable ride! 3. Stealth, That rush of adrenalin is just awesome! 4. Nemesis Inferno, Its only here because i find it forceful and ive...
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    Thorpe Park 21st May 2011

    Thorpe Park 21st May 2011 Hello CF'ers On Saturday i visited Thorpe Park for the first time in 2 years, and this time i tried all the major rides and didnt chicken out of any of the coasters :) Me and my friend Liam arrived at Thorpe Park at 9:45 only to find that the park had been open for...
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    To continue the theme.... Colossus is amazing, I went on it for the first time in my life yesterday, and boy was I in for a shock. I thought from what most people had said about it i was gonna come off with a bad head and concussion, they were wrong. I recommend to everyone to queue for the...
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    What Do You Look For In A Woodie??

    I want to know what you guys look for in a woodie, is it the turns, or the airtime, or something completely different. What makes a wooden coaster a joy for you? Personally, Im in it for the airtime, i just love being thrown out of your seat all the time, thats why i cant wait to ride...