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    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Hyperia seems pretty cursed so far. One train opps is a lesser evil than not opening at all, but DAMN that sounds ****ing horrible. I hope to god this is all sorted later in the year so I can visit. At the moment it's just too far away from me to justify the risk of it not operating right now...
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    Worst coasters you've ridden (Bottom 5/10)

    Infusion at Blackpool is dreadful, only coaster to ever make me vomit. I don't know if I can do a bottom 5, but Tulereki at Linnanmaki is a piece of **** too. It's unique but not comfortable at all, but at least I was mostly amused by it rather than enduring how horrible it was. It's been a...
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    Your Intamin Count.

    Updated somewhat quickly, since I got both Taiga and Kirnu at Linnanmaki in May to go up to 9. And sorry Balder, you're awesome but Taiga is a whole level above you.
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    Whats your favorite Intamin

    I haven't been on many of the "elite" Intamins (most of ours are mediocre), but Taiga is absolutely fantastic, and dethroned Balder which would have been my answer from September 23 to May 24.
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    First of each inversion

    I couldn't find anything similar to this in the search. There's been a fair few threads about the first coaster with an inversion or inversions that you've been on, but what about the first instance of each inversion you've done? So first loop, dive loop, zero-g roll etc. I'll start to give you...
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    Coasters that gave you the biggest sense of "danger"

    When that wooden one at Blackpool used to have zero restraints, or the wild mouse. Also Ukko, or I suspect skyloops in general, wow that is freaky being up there upside down like that.
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    Last Cred Review

    I went to Linnanmaki yesterday while everyone was prepping for Hyperia so I need to review all 8 creds ASAP before I forget half of it! Taiga Obviously this was the main reason for the trip. I've been ill for ages then developed a chest infection which I got antibiotics for literally the day...
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    Folly Farm Pembrokeshire 16th May 2024

    Man this takes me back to when I used to come here a lot as a kid. I went again in April and had much better weather than you! Pretty cool place. I couldn't really remember it that well from when I was a kid and I was surprised at how much it had grown when I went recently.
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    Big Mack and Fries | THORPE PARK SUN 29 SEPTEMBER

    Very tempted by this - will update later on!
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    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I'm in the midlands and people don't even know. I am fine with the theme but I'm surprised at how they've held back with marketing.
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    Stylised Vs Themed

    I think that it's more a story or idea that pushes it for me. Anything that's more of a concept than simply " a cool coaster with cool visuals and music". The mistake generally tends to be assuming a themed coaster is "better" than a stylised one. Rita as you say above has a theme but it's...
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    How much does a rattle affect your enjoyment of a coaster?

    As I've got older I've got more sensitive to it. It's rarely a deal breaker on its own compared to actual roughness, but it can be jarring. I found this to be the case on Nemesis Reborn, whereas on Helix it only happens in one or two sections and you've got lap bars anyway which mitigates this.
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    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    I'm not going to rank Octonauts as I've never actually been on it - there's never enough time or shamelessness to ride it and going solo last week definitely meant I wasn't doing it! I'm assuming it would be at the bottom though. 9. Runaway Mine Train - skipped this last week. From previous...
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    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    Europa Park seems like such a bucket list destination, with all those coasters, theming, and great operations. Really want to go some day, especially as Voltron looks ****ing insane. Looks a bit like Helix, only not.
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    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    The immelman looks really fast, then the next two elements after that look really slow, which is actually more terrifying than if they were faster. Especially the stall dive loop, looks like that thing goes on forever, that will scare a lot of people with just a lap bar, including me!
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    If you live in the UK, do you currently have a Merlin Annual Pass? Have you ever had one?

    Never have because I don't do many park visits in a year anyway, especially specifically Merlin ones. Plus you can often get deals or save clubcard points etc anyway for the one or two visits.
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    Alton Towers | Nemesis Reborn | B&M Retrack | 2024

    I thought it was odd that on my first ride I almost felt like I was going to get hangtime on the loop! Didn't happen the second time. Very interesting comparison.
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    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    Got on Nemesis Reborn yesterday, which I think counts as it's a retracked version and not the original!
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    Alton Towers | Nemesis Reborn | B&M Retrack | 2024

    No, it's still worth going. Nemesis is still great and there's a lot of good coasters in this country, plus Hyperia opening this year. What it really is is that a lot of us on this forum specifically are Brits who have been to Alton Towers many times as well as other UK parks. Plus we watch...
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    Alton Towers | Nemesis Reborn | B&M Retrack | 2024

    I've been on Nemesis Reborn today so I can offer up thoughts that I'm sure aren't original at this point. Firstly I'd like to say how I like that Forbidden Valley is much more alive. There's much more going on, and the Phalanx crew and the "Nemesis does have feelings" people were a fun...