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  1. Nemesis Inferno

    French and Dutch cred tours - 2015

    Benbom Brothers did own Dreamland indeed... Making notes on what side attractions to ride at these places too this week, keep the reports coming John...
  2. Nemesis Inferno

    French and Dutch cred tours - 2015

    If we weren't so bothered about a decent spot for Dreams we would've got BTM as well, it was only advertising 20 minutes after we came out of the Frozen show... Disney is a day is mega-tiring, last time I did it was in Cali and that was even worse than Paris...
  3. Nemesis Inferno

    French and Dutch cred tours - 2015

    I still have nightmares about that roundabout...
  4. Nemesis Inferno

    Liseberg winter operating schedule

    They are doing a Halloween event this year though, a few of the rides aren't open though (Helix is though), but that might expand for next year...
  5. Nemesis Inferno

    New Area For Legoland Billund 2016

    4D ride then, possibly same as the Shrek one? Wouldn't be that surprising, Merlin love discounts...
  6. Nemesis Inferno

    New Area For Legoland Billund 2016

    Since Legoland Germany have a Sky Fly, and most of them also have the Kuka Robo-Arms (apart from Windsor, because we're ****), this is nothing... Bear in mind there's also the interactivity of these Sky Flys, and most adults can't even get them to flip over, kids will probably be just as...
  7. Nemesis Inferno

    New theme park for Rotherham (Gullivers)

    Shame this chain refuses to allow adult only groups in to get the creds...
  8. Nemesis Inferno

    Accident at Alton Towers

    The park are literally bringing out the standard "it won't open until it's ready" thing, because they're trying to avoid the media storm that will whip up when it does open... When it reopens, it'll be unannounced officially by the park, but the goons/guests who happen to be on park that day...
  9. Nemesis Inferno

    The Big Sheep | Big One | Zierer Tivoli

    Re: The Big Sheep | Unknown name | Zierer Tivoli Yeah, this STILL hasn't opened... Apparently they've been set-back by the Smiler crash and as a result have been implementing some safety stuff... Not sure what these things could be given this only has one train though... But does explain a bit...
  10. Nemesis Inferno

    Heide Park Removes Water Ride - What's Next?

    Is it both water rides or just the Onion Boats? Heide does lack dark rides...
  11. Nemesis Inferno

    Over-enthusiastic ride ops - Like, Dislike or Meh?

    AI's staff do always seem relatively genuine about their enthusiasm, I did actually fill in a feedback form about one of their staff last time who was quite fab and handled a breakdown rather well... I'm with Joey, I don't mind some interaction, but not at the expense of throughputs... My...
  12. Nemesis Inferno

    Accident at Alton Towers

    Common practice on multi-car/train rides not to wait for every train to come back, especially after a break-down and you want to get things going again... Of course, it'll now be demanded that when testing all cars must be within the visible brake area...
  13. Nemesis Inferno

    Dismaland : new park in Weston-super-Mare!

    Why am I not surprised by this at all :lol:
  14. Nemesis Inferno

    Disabled cricketer Chessington OUTRAGE!

    Is the right answer... Surely he would've been informed about this when picking up his disabled wristband on the day? Though I know that GS never tended to fully explain the rules about the card (you have to wait until this time to use it again etc)...
  15. Nemesis Inferno

    New Area For Legoland Billund 2016

    Not yet... I'm actually really surprised by how massive that area looks, it certainly didn't look like much from park level, so it could well be slightly more than a Sky Fly...
  16. Nemesis Inferno

    Why is Furius Baco so rough?

    It's bloody awful because the seating design is awful... Remember how it took B&M years to bring how their version of the wing coaster? Notice how they still have the vibration/shudder issue? Unfortunately the design of the wing coasters is also the issue, as the further you get away from the...
  17. Nemesis Inferno

    New Ride for Chessington in 2016?

    ^Is the right answer... How much of Zufari's budget was taken from the park to give Smiler a little extra boost again?
  18. Nemesis Inferno

    New Ride for Chessington in 2016?

    Just need to remove and replace 3/4s of the park and we'll be getting somewhere... Hopefully this will be something half decent, doubt it though...
  19. Nemesis Inferno

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    Re: Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Project 2017 I would not be particularly adverse to a RMC conversion of National, might make it actually rideable again... Though I don't think they'd go with that angle, as they like the traditional side of things... Something where the Monorail used to be as...