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    Difference between Ride Stop and Emergency Stop

    Are you saying you pressed a Ride Stop when you saw a drive tyre / wheel about to detach...? Fair play for thinking ahead / convenience etc but I would really expect ride ops to be trained to hit E-stop for that kind of thing. You shouldn't need to put much thought into it... you just want the...
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    Does China Have An Enforced 20 Year Service Life On It's Coasters?

    Interesting research. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese inspectors just take the 'easy route' and insist on ride closures after the design service life expires. But I'm fairly sure there's no 'policy'. It may interest you to know that the English translation of the Chinese standard GB/T...
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    The Battersea Bullet.

    The footfall around there is already pretty crazy and it's only gonna increase. Shame all those investors wasting their time on a Thames peninsula in Kent didn't direct the cash here instead, as it could have been a massive hit I reckon. As for the chimney lift - seems like the words...
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    Major coasters you never knew existed?

    …And it’s seriously rough. Which is a shame because it could have been quite a good ‘advert’ for the concept but I suspect it’s maintenance letting it down. I remember feeling quite bad for the old Chinese lady on the other end of my row, coz I was hurting enough! So I guess the original S&S 4D...
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    Revenge of the Mummy undergoing “lengthy refurbishment” starting 7th January; due to end in “late summer 2022”

    I don’t think you need to worry. The main purpose here will make no noticeable changes to the ride, for guests. They may use the time for cosmetic stuff too but the layout etc will be untouched. In my experience, this shutdown duration and lack of fanfare etc means this is almost certainly a...
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    Coaster Engineering/Mechanism

    I'm not sure I agree with this idea that evacs are a last resort / dangerous / should be avoided, etc. It's an interesting topic but I can tell you some of the major players in the industry would much rather evac a train if there's anything unknown at play. I read above "Estops can be reset"...
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    Best ever IAAPA reveals

    Just a few short weeks after writing the above, I now realise there is a robo arm on gravity track in existence: Source: And, in keeping with the topic, I believe this was kind of...
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    Universal Studios Japan | Super Nintendo World | New land | 2021

    Ha! There’s no way they’re dropping the AR. Millions of $ of R&D... I think they’re having a big problem with cleaning in a post-Covid world though coz they’re tethered to the vehicle last I heard. Did anyone say... on-board sterilisation boxes... :oops:
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    A park with the best and worst coaster in one!

    Park Asterix kind of picks itself here, even before Oziris. There was a time when Tonnerre De Zeus was winning Mitch Hawker’s wooden poll every year, and I think Goudrix has come bottom of the steels at least once, maybe more....
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    Best ever IAAPA reveals

    I think any B&M front coach ever... anyone wanna pick one? There’s just something about seeing them on carpet, under lights. And the futile attempts to stop people from photographing the wheel assemblies : ) Some of the less obvious stuff that’s fun close-up, too. I remember the Mack...
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    Did B&M have any involvement in Shockwave at Drayton Manor?

    I think you’re basically right. But you mention the design was when “Walter and Claude had already ... started B&M” but don’t forget the other Shockwave (SFMM) and the Swedish one which were both several years earlier and may(?) have had more input from W & C. I would guess Intamin used a lot of...
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    Modern Vertical Lift Evacuations

    I believe Rip Ride Rockit at USF was modified recently to almost drop the car backwards into some brakes, instead of lowering it slowly like Smiler. I think it was about getting the stranded train down and out-of-view as fast as possible to avoid negative press, just as much as being able to...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Actually, look at the BBC picture again. The cars are presumably trailered. So each should have left and right wheel carriers. The nearest car does. The back car does. But the one in between... erm... I think a whole wheel assembly dropped.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Yes, the article is quite reasonable (for now) - a rare thing. I’m sure we’ll get the “people were dangling perilously” and “I’m never letting my kids on a roller coaster again” comments soon though.
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    Accident At Dreamworld Australia!

    Re: ACCIDENT At Dreamworld Australia! Wikipedia suggests that the standard Intamin rotating station was "decommissioned due to safety concerns". Oh dear. So it may not have been quite 30 years of operation like this. I hear from other industry types that the ride has been quite heavily...
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    Best SBNO Coasters

    There are rumours that Knightmare is on the move. I've heard Italy but unconfirmed. All I'm saying is there's still a chance you can ride it!
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    Singapore and Malaysia (kind of): Day 3 - Universal Studios

    Re: Singapore and Malaysia (kind of): Day 2 - Legoland Malay I think you might have it spot on, right there. Think about which part of a ride could be worked on without any visible signs...? I reckon we can expect some shiny new trains to be rolled out when this re-opens and I think we are...
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    Oakwood 2013

    Gotcha. Ha! I was on the right lines then. : ) God rest his soul.
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    How are height restrictions determined?

    Risk assessment, yes, insurers, no. In the UK especially, risk assessment rules. The HSE will not enforce anything until something goes wrong. They are almost entirely a 'reactive' organisation. If you've got a decent risk assessment saying "slow moving, no sharp surfaces, high-sided vehicles...
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    Oakwood 2013

    It's funny coz the "Peter Pan" name doesn't appear anywhere in the new development. I think Disney might still have a hold on that. I have it on good authority that "Tink's Flying School" was so called because "Tinkerbell" was off-limits. Presumably the same is true with Peter Pan. Still, it's...