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    Canada's Wonderland |"Leviathan"| B&M HyperGiga

    Re: Leviathan - B&M giga coaster for Canada's Wonderland What is it about the look of a certain ride or element that gets the adrenaline pumping. This one is getting more interesting by the week.
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    PBB in general, and Grand National Operation

    Just spent the weekend before last in Blackpool... Friday 4th to Sunday 6th. It's been a few years since I've been up there & on arrival on Friday, lovely day, clear blue sky, very mild evening etc, took a long walk along the front thinking Wow, how much money have the local council spent on...
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    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: New "world's first" coaster at Alton Towers 2013 I agree with you BBV, relatively few B&Ms I'd consider forceless, but there have been a good few that are a yawn fest. Seen it, done it, next...
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    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: New "world's first" coaster at Alton Towers 2013 I don't really mind who builds the damn thing, so long as it's exciting! 13 was a massive let down, as was Saw & numerous other coasters recently built. B&M have created some brilliant rides, but some it has to be said, leave me cold &...
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    Dollywood |"Wild Eagle"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: "Wild Eagle" - B&M Wingrider for Dollywood 2012 A return trip to Dollywood is almost certainly a 'must do' for 2012. This ride has way more appeal than the rather depressing 'Swarm'. Log cabin rental, bearsn raccoons, great food, great park, fun rides too. Last years trip to TN was one...
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    Canada's Wonderland |"Leviathan"| B&M HyperGiga

    Re: Leviathan - B&M giga coaster for Canada's Wonderland Never been to Canada before but 2012 may see a change there. Something about this ride is beckoning me, much like Timmy 305 did last year. The colours don't bother me too much personally, its all about the on ride experience for me...
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: The Swarm - B&M 'Wing-Rider', Thorpe Park 2012 Themeing ?
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    Cedar Fair sells Great America

    GA was once a really great park to visit, well I enjoyed anyway. I havent been there for something like 16 years or so, be interesting to see if new owners invest in some attractions that will make it worth the trip again.
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    Light Aircraft lands on Ferris Wheel

    & people say the Ferris Wheel is a ride that lacks excitement... glad nobody was hurt. Perhaps Thorpe Park should buy the remains & use it for themeing on their next rollercoaster?
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    Thorpe's New MTDP

    Nic I stand corrected. Perhaps if they painted the boats a nice shiny brown it might actually work. Now wash your hands!
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    Thorpe's New MTDP

    Perhaps they should have named it Flush. you can't polish a turd
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Jeez! Grow up or go take a chill pill.
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    For me, theming is often a waste of time & money, with the exception of a dark ride type attraction of course. I'd rather they ditch the whole thing & spend the money allocated on the ride itself to make sure it's as big, long, intense... whatever it takes to ensure the ride experience is as...
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    Raptor - B&M 'Wing-Rider' - Gardaland

    I don't think it looks too bad, the speed I mean. Look at how slow X2 at SFMM looks compared to how it feels when you ride. This new ride obviously doesn't really compare in height or have the rotating seats but it could be an optical illusion & feel much faster than it looks. Having...
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    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    New Coaster Fab news for TP goers. It will be interesting to see what's actually going to be built. My money's on the wing style ride, simply based on the marketing angle. As an ex member of the TP mgmt team I know how things can change over the months / years from original concept...
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    First Rollercoaster Experience Ever!?!

    Too long ago to remember but probably one of these three Wild Mouse Littlehampton Big Dipper Battersea Fun Fair Scenic Railway Dreamland Margate although I vaguely remember a really old kiddie coaster somewhere on the South Coast
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    Texas Giant opening date confirmed

    TNTG Looking great! Cant wait to ride this one in June.
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    Pndol collapses at Tibidabo injuring 3, one fatality.

    I was n Brighton on Sat 13th Nov & the ride was operating. Took a walk down the pier at around 7:30pm & considering there were probaly 12 people total at the ride end, most of the rides were lit but gates were closed, I watched this ride go 3 times, not sure if the riders were staff or...
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    Cedar Point | News and Rumor Topic | New talk Page 42

    shock! Windseeker, boo hiss!!!