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    How long do you keep your ava/sig sets?

    I've had this one for over 6 months I think. :D
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    "Now Showing"

    That looks sweeeeet. Is the girl in it the one that Seth fancies in Superbad?
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    What can I get to stop sickness after riding?

    I'm sick on the teacups, every time guaranteed. Not much you can do really to be honest lol.
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    The Paste Game Ahhh, my internet connection sucks.
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ Not at all < Hoping you guys remember me V Thinks that I am cool
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    Sexuality V

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    The Paste Game

    [CF loading times can eat me.....]
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    The Paste Game

    Do you have lemon juice on them? I was speaking to a girl and she made disgusting pancakes.:D
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    The ^ < V game

    ^Snows cool <Watching the Bill, and its crap, but will soon be watching Hotel Babylon. V Is feeling random.
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    Tesco or Tescos?

    I go to ASDA, I only go Tesco Express, so Tesco for me.
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    One of the few vegetables I like....
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    What are you listening to now?

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    The ^ < V game

    ^Yeah <Going to a school meeting in a bit about options(not the drink) VAlso has to choose options soon.
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    How physically fit are you?

    Are you like, proffessional snoo?
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    How physically fit are you?

    Moderately, I am a sports freak though, I'm into all sports apart from Gymnastics and Netball...ugh. But I do need to start working out more.:lol:
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    The ^ < V game

    ^A new park <Just played vice city stories survivor with a friend VLikes vice city stories
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ Yes I had exams..... < Er....Maths exam tomorrow V also has exams.
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    The ^ < V game

    ^Snap <Crackle vPop
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ moo < Thinks Dan is hyper v also thinks this. EDIT: I had no idea that pinkpanther said moo, my moo was intended for Dan.
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    The ^ < V game

    ^No....still wondering what the 5 second thingy is. < Bored V Also bored.