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  1. Alaeriia

    RCT Classic on Mobile

    From what I've heard, it's a bonus for beating all the scenarios. Good luck.
  2. Alaeriia

    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    What, like RMC's Raptor and T-Rex systems?
  3. Alaeriia

    Clones vs Original designs cost

    I think it's a similar price point for actual construction and delivery ($25M seems to be a common quote), but you might shave some time and cash off by using an off-the-shelf model. Also, some companies may offer a bulk discount if a chain buys multiple coasters, and a stock model can help...
  4. Alaeriia

    SeaWorld San Antonio | Wave Breaker | Intamin Family Launch

    SWSA already has a Batman and a pretty good Morgan hyper. A lot of people were bashing Juvelen before it opened, too. I see a solid family coaster here, as well as something to take crowds off of Eel. With SeaWorld's focus on adding rides, you might still get your Taron clone.
  5. Alaeriia

    Silver Dollar City | Time Traveler | Mack Looping Launched Spinner

    Hang on, did they actually rivet that sign into the wall, then shove a big huge NAIL into there for authenticity? Kudos SDC!
  6. Alaeriia

    Fun Spot Kissimmee | Mine Blower | Gravity Group woodie

    I am loving that CCI-style main drop. Looks like their classic mid-course Drops of old (Raven, Ghostrider, Cyclops, Villain). And HOLY HELL that thing is hauling ass!
  7. Alaeriia

    Chance Rides Unveils Unicoaster 2.0

    I love it. A family coaster and an extreme thrill ride in the same package.
  8. Alaeriia

    Silver Dollar City | Time Traveler | Mack Looping Launched Spinner

    I think it's going to be centered around time travel. Something like "Authentic Tours of Ancient Rome!* See Professor Notaconman for details!" *Roman tours may involve cheap props in an attempt to sucker you out of your money. No refunds.
  9. Alaeriia

    Hershey Triple Tower - Three S&S Drop Towers for 2017

    A lot of S&S towers make very loud noises, due to the nature of the pneumatic launches. My favorite is the "BORSH" of the combo towers transitioning from Shot to Drop after the first Shot.
  10. Alaeriia

    Lightning Rod Status

    My bad. Either way, it seems like a case of subcontractor mismatch.
  11. Alaeriia

    Warner Bros. Movie World AU | DC Rivals HyperCoaster | Mack

    Silver Dollar City also has an RMC and the world's greatest mine train. Also, we don't know how much air the spinner will generate.
  12. Alaeriia

    Rides spoiled by trim brakes.

    That's not a trim. That's a full stop.
  13. Alaeriia

    Allou Fun Park - pricing qns

    I must say, the interactive park map on that site is amusingly terrible.
  14. Alaeriia

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Looks poo, kicks ass: Cannibal. The tower looks like a big block. Looks great, kicks your ass: SLCs, Manhattan Express. Looks great, is mediocre: Goliath at SFMM. Maybe if the MCBR didn't stop the train...
  15. Alaeriia

    Rides spoiled by trim brakes.

    I think that's an anti-rollback point. You know, in case Boulder Dash stalls. (Before you laugh, it did stall right before the final brakes last week. Cold day, empty train.)
  16. Alaeriia

    Clone Moan - The world's biggest 'uninteresting' parks

    It does have Hollenblitz and that Vekoma helix thing, so that's cool.
  17. Alaeriia

    Making silly poses for the on-ride pic?

    I like the classic "Thinker" pose, or a look of extreme boredom on something like Maverick. Then there's me tying my hair up on Boulder Dash last year.
  18. Alaeriia

    Legendia | Lech Coaster | Vekoma Bermuda Blitz

    Wait, now that Vekoma managed to git gud, where is Six Flags gonna find terrible new rides? There's only so many Pinfaris left in the world.
  19. Alaeriia

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    Far better than a certain other three-letter acronym sharing two letters.
  20. Alaeriia

    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    Is it too late to guess what RMC's naming the elements? I think the girlfriend element will be called a "Step Down 180* Stall". The first inversion, of course, is "Alan Makes Intamin Sad in the Pants".