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  1. Jer

    Yes, Hello, This is dog

    Yes, Hello, This is dog
  2. Jer

    Least favorite element?

    Pretzel Loops Didn't have to think too hard on this one, they're uncomfortable, awkward and generally pretty ****.
  3. Jer

    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    Re: Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks: 2015 Edition page 6 Pretty old post here, lets update 1. BGE 2. Knoebels 3. Cedar Point 4. Hershey 5. Lake Compounce 6. Seabreeze 7. Canada's Wonderland 8. Disney Hollywood Studios 9. Universal Studios Hollywood 10. SFGAdv I was pretty lazy, If I had just...
  4. Jer

    Coasters that exceeded expectations.

    Ride of Steel @ Darien Lake Now I got Joey, and Jarrett to (hopefully) back me up for this one. But since the one at SFA is the absolute worst hyper i've ridden my expectations for this one were pretty much negative on a scale of 1-10. But the ride its pretty damn great. It had a fantastic...
  5. Jer

    Music Recommendations

    If its not obvious i've been rather obsessed with Swans lately. Thought it might to be fun to post about them and see some reactions. I'm not even sure how to describe swans as far as genres go. They started out as Noise/No Wave in the 80s, but after their break up and reformation they're more...
  6. Jer

    The Jer development topic! [Songbird 8/13/16]

    Hey, im sorry for the absence, these last few weeks have been crazy so I really wasnt able to work until tonight. I fixed the banking on the dive loop and immelmann, I hope they look better for shaping now, as well as adding a floater hill and barrel roll. The interaction looks as good as it is...
  7. Jer

    Rides that still genuinely scare you...

    Drop Towers No matter how big, or how small they scare the living crap out of me. Ask anyone I've traveled with, I will absolutely refuse to ride any drop tower (without any kind of compensation rewarding my efforts)
  8. Jer

    Your Intamin Count.

    1. Maverick @ Cedar Point 2. Millennium Force @ Cedar Point 3. Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point 4. Wicked Twister @ Cedar Point 5. Ride of Steel @ Darien Lake 6. Possessed @ Dorney Park 7. Fahrenheit @ Hershey Park 8. Skyrush @ Hershey Park 9. Storm Runner @ Hershey Park 10. Superman - Ride of...
  9. Jer

    Favorite Genre Of Music

    Turbo Polka, Jazzcore, Vaporwave, and Noise rock those are my jams (and all real genres) But on a serious note (and to answer your poll) I actually listen to everything, none of this "except rap and country" ****, I actually listen to everything. So picking a real favorite is hard. My...
  10. Jer

    Choose 5 Coasters to Ride for the Rest of Your Life

    This is harder than I thought it would be. I wanted a good variety. - Phoenix - Old school airtime machine - Griffon - The drop might never get old - Talon - For me its the best invert, and fills the multi-looper spot perfectly - Verbolten - This one is just fun, in my list I needed a ride...
  11. Jer

    The Jer development topic! [Songbird 8/13/16]

    Re: The Jer development topic! [Something 8/11/16] Alrighty then, after a long absence I think its time to start using NL2 again for more than just competition tracks. I wanted to start out with a style ive never done before, a Dive Machine. This one is loosely based off the one I built for...
  12. Jer

    What is your worst Vekoma SLC?

    Mind Eraser @ SFNE I have no words, only scars.
  13. Jer

    What is your favourite roller coaster manufacturer?

    In all honesty. It's Premier People tend to forget their contribution to the industry as well as how good their rides actually are. Jokers Jinx was the best ride at SFA, Tempesto has to be one of the smoothest rides ive ever ridden, and even their smaller launches like Backlot Stunt Coaster or...
  14. Jer

    The Jer development topic! [Songbird 8/13/16]

    Re: The Jer development topic! [The Knife Download 9/8/14] I think it's time to start again
  15. Jer

    Jer goes to Canada (Pt. 2- Darien Lake)

    Superman at SFA is a bit of a blur to me. But I remember it extremely boring, very rattly, and with some of the worst restraints. Now if it also got new trains, and they are like the ones at DL. It might be good. But im in no hurry to go back to SFA.
  16. Jer

    Jer goes to Canada (Pt. 2- Darien Lake)

    Re: Jer goes to Canada (Pt. 1- Canada's Wonderland) Pt. 2: Darien Lake This park....this park. It has a stigma to it. I've repeatedly heard it was one of the worst parks people have been to. I mean mine is Six Flags America, so the competition is fierce. I've also heard it has been cleaned up...
  17. Jer

    How many different number 1s have you had?

    I dont remember all my #1s El Toro - was the longest running, it was #1 since it opened Boulder Dash - Turned my #1 in 2012 after riding it for the first time Skyrush - Only a few days Skyrush kicked BDash off my top spot after an excellent ERT session. Phoenix - This has been my #1 after a...
  18. Jer

    What is your favourite Vekoma SLC?

    I've only done clones So far the best one was Mind Eraser at SFA For whatever reason it did the least damage.
  19. Jer

    Most upsetting cred removal

    Got a weird answer here Skyrider @ Canada's Wonderland I've heard the Togo stand-ups were rather excellent, I first saw CW had one before leaving on my trip last weekend. Then I saw it was removed 2yrs ago and was genuinely upset about it.
  20. Jer

    Worst coasters you've ridden (Bottom 5/10)

    I dont feel Skyrush and Maverick have the same kind of airtime, its a very specific sensation and its hard to describe (because I'm definitely in a minority here) I think the other huge factor of it being near the bottom is the hype around it. RMC is being touted as these gods of design, some...