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  1. pitchnoir

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    If this is deff' a wicker man theme, then it fits in with the film/story of being chosen; A part of the synopsis/storyline of the wickerman; The parade ends at the site of the festival. Rowan is tied to a large tree, about to be burned. Edward rescues Rowan and they run away through the woods...
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    Supposed new worlds first for Thorpe park

    Just caught eye of this on Thorpes fb page. So, What could be happening? Supposedly a new world first coming to the island. My two cents on the supposed world first? Re-theme of X turn the trains back to backwards facing an add VR cheaper than a full build an spend the money on software an...
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    Movie Park Ger|Star Trek Operation Enterprise|Mack Launched

    Re: Movie Park Ger|Star Trek Operation Enterprise|Mack Launc Just spyed this over at TPR.....TRACK WORK COMPLETE
  4. pitchnoir

    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    From what ive heard sources are saying it is on its way. saying that its not on the roster for Winterdom Hamburg joys of google translate from a source an i know its sweet f a to go on but live in hope an all;
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    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market Just a confirmation :)
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    Shanghai, China | Shanghai Disneyland | Theme Park

    If any of you are interested in the new POTC ride coaster101 did a lil write up on the background, mechanics an the like, also a pretty decent layout mock up!!
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    Thorpe Park | Derren Brown's Ghost Train | VR Attraction

    Re: WC16 | Thorpe Park | New ??? for 2016 Could this be a rendering of the internals for some of the new ride? its a link to an image on FB the page page is for a company called Scruffy dog design, who have designed and built a number of aesthetics for a number of the parks, eg new Madagascar...
  8. pitchnoir

    Walibi Belgium | Pulsar | Mack Power Splash

    After asking a question on rcdbs fb page about the splash, Walibi Belgium decided to reply back. My question was: From going all that, the only thing I can't get my head round is how can something create a splash going forwards an not backwards. Unless it has side fins which dig in at the front...
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    movie park news 2017

    Just found this on obviously all in german but below is a translation via google :)
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    Walibi Holland | Lost Gravity | Mack Rides mega coaster

    Re: Walibi Holland to get a Mack coaster for 2016 video and some pov of the spinner on bluefire
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    New theme park to feature ‘The Hunger Games’

    Why i do not know but here is the write up from attractions magazine;
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Investment Boost for London Paramount London Paramount Entertainment Resort, the multi-billion pound proposed project for the Swanscombe Peninsular in Kent, has received a major boost today with the confirmation of its first major investment. Promised by Chinese construction company...
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    Chessington to get a new ride?

    Could Chessington World of Adventures Resort be looking at a Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride for next year?!
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    Thorpe Park | Derren Brown's Ghost Train | VR Attraction

    Re: Thorpe Park construction? Looking more and more like a more technical version of the lost world ride at movie park. As that is pretty much two rooms. Loading and then move forward into the tunnel and then reverse back out again. But here looks like in the bigger potion of the box we may see...
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    Thorpe Park | Derren Brown's Ghost Train | VR Attraction

    Re: Thorpe Park construction? Serious vertical construction
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    I highly doubt this ride would be scaled down or anything of the like due to the incident today. If the incident today caused Thorpes attendance to drop then that could be an issue. As I found out today, and as some of you may know already, all park are separate when it comes to money, bit like...
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    Rumoured sw8? Have just seen this over at towers times Also this Edit: I moved this post here because this...
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    New theme park for Calais

    France gets there may be a new theme park in . The Calais Park ( now a project name ) requires an investment of € 300 million in 2018 and to open to the public. The project will be built on the site where formerly the Spyland planned that was not from the ground. The park opens immediately with...
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    Iron Reef for Knotts Berry Farm

    Source: Edit - Updated with more info and better source as well as artwork. - ECG
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    "Themepark" bans single adult

    Its not exactly a themepark but could see a rise in this kind of thing etc. Views?