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  1. ciallkennett

    Milestones in Your Counts

    I see both sides of the argument, although I side slightly more with the Americans. I can jet off very cheaply to anywhere in Europe and the flight will be max 3 and a half hours, but normally much less. I can do that for about £30 each way. I can then spend two days in a country and bugger off...
  2. ciallkennett

    Accident at Alton Towers

    Although we are of course focussing on the tragedy itself and the blocking, only Joey has really touched on the issue that worries me about this incident: The Smiler stalled. Again. Even if this accident did not happen, the fact it would have stalled in the same place once again would have made...
  3. ciallkennett

    "Bjorn This Way" Trip Reports

    When I got home from Heathrow, I slept for about an hour and then begun to head to Stansted to catch my next flight. As the trip reports so far are beyond brilliant and a thoroughly great read (and I'm pushed for time), I'll do a summary instead: Many thanks to all who came and made the live...
  4. ciallkennett

    Holiday World | Thunderbird | Launched B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: Holiday World | Unknown | Unknown I'll say this first: not really been following this project at all, but watched the announcement like a good goon. The way that they said "First B&M Launched Wing-Coaster in the US" perhaps hint at similar projects elsewhere... But yeah. First B&M built...
  5. ciallkennett

    Hottest Animated Female Character

    Animated chicks. Let's be honest, some of them can be quite hot. But who is sexiest when it comes to CGI or hand-drawn foxiness? Anna (Frozen) Fancy unfreezing this strawberry-blonde's heart? Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Ever fancied going under the sea and making a splash with this foxy...
  6. ciallkennett

    Eurovision 2014

    Unpopular opinion, but The Netherlands song really grew on me between the semi-final and the final. Not a Eurovision-esque song, but a good one anyway. It's the only track I've bought from an otherwise dismal year for my iTunes library. I thought Austria would just be a gimmick until I saw...
  7. ciallkennett

    Have You Ever Gotten Stuck on a Ride/Coaster?

    Was stuck for around 5-10 minutes on Slammer at Thorpe during Ghosterforce a few years back. I think we got a fast track for our troubles (and a few sneeky additional ones because Ewan was operating). Got evacuated on the brake run of Roller Soaker at Hershey with Jerry. We were the first train...
  8. ciallkennett

    UK greyouts

    Nemesis helix, especially if sitting on the right side of the train, and always if sitting back row far right seat. Used to get air-popping on Inferno on my first few rides in the final helix going up into the brakes.
  9. ciallkennett

    Family_Furie take on DLRP

    Really enjoying your PTR, furie! Normally all DLP reports I see are cred-dashing and parade watching. I'd always assumed the parks were quite dull and empty but you've proven otherwise - quite a lot that can be done and some really lovely, escapist areas.
  10. ciallkennett

    Banshee's Maiden Voyage://Now with Extra Goon!

    Woah, wait, is that a buttplug I see top and center?
  11. ciallkennett

    Alton Towers 17/4/14

    Aw, bless.
  12. ciallkennett

    Gulliver's Milton Keynes | Unknown | EOS Wild Twister

    Gulliver's Milton Keynes looks to be getting a new coaster this year.
  13. ciallkennett

    What type of underwear do you prefer? (Female version)

    French knickers on a lady for sure. Thong I've not been a fan of with the exception of one person (you really need a nice arse to wear them and pull it off). Boxers can be quite hot too.
  14. ciallkennett

    What type of underwear do you prefer? (Male version)

    Tight boxers, but not too tight as to mean my genitals regularly re-enter my body.
  15. ciallkennett

    Sochi 2014

    I've been sleeping weirdly for the past few weeks, so usually am up for the early 5am-8am starting events in the UK and being busy throughout the day so missing the rest. Slowly becoming a curling expert. I'm personally really looking forward to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Georgia! ...Alabama.
  16. ciallkennett

    Watchu get foe x-mas 2013

    Oh the innocent of childhood... I got: A number of geeky t-shirts. Geeky playing cards. Geeky riddles. Lens mug Solar powered construction kit Aftershave Cards Against Humanity
  17. ciallkennett

    Can you be too old for an advent calendar?

    I've never had one and probably never will. I don't see the appeal.
  18. ciallkennett

    Pleasurewood Hills | Marble Madnes | Maurer Söhne Wild Mouse

    Pleasurewood Hills have just posted this on their Facebook page: It is unclear whether this will mean the return of Mouse Trap which moved from the park in 2005 to Bagatelle, or another Wild Mouse/Spinning Mouse will be coming...
  19. ciallkennett

    CF Christmas Meet 2013

    Huge thanks to peep for the general organisation and providing all things fun, tacky and goonful! Winter Wonderland was a lovely pit-stop tour. It was surprisingly empty when we arrived at opening so we managed to get all 6 creds (5 of which I needed), two toilet stops and a star flyer session...
  20. ciallkennett

    Are you cultured?

    You know what I meant, Jordan ;)