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    Your (stupid) pre-coaster enthusiast thoughts on Theme Parks

    Re: Your (stupid) pre-coaster enthusiast thoughts on Theme P Vampire doesn't turn upside down. It just swings.
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    Tivoli Gardens | Fatamorgana | Huss Condor 2G

    Re: Tivoli Gardens Invests DKK 100 Million For 2016 Probably not a coaster. Could be a big flat ride though.
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    How many defunct roller coasters have you ridden?

    Since I would like to get to know some of you, I would begin with how many defunct coasters that you have ridden. Here is my list of the defunct coasters that I rode. Defunct coasters ridden: 5 Cedar Point ----------------- Disaster Transport Wildcat Six Flags Great America...
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    Coasters you rode in their closing (last) season

    2011- Iron Wolf 2013- Ragin' Cajun
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    Lewa World | Flash | Mack Hyper/Looper

    Re: Lewa World | unknown | Mack Hyper(ish) coaster? According to, the roller coaster is called Lightning. Here is the official stats! Capacity: 1,040 riders per hour Length: 4,176.5 ft Height: 200.2 ft Drop: 190.3 ft Inversions: 2 Speed: 71.5 mph Duration: 2:08 G-Force...
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    Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched

    Re: Phantasialand | unknown | Intamin launched All I can say about the construction picture is wow!
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    Creds from your Year of Birth

    94 roller coasters opened in my birth year. Out of all 94, I rode only two coasters. 1. Flight of Fear at King's Island. 2. Rougarou (Back when it was called Mantis)
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    New trains for Tomahawk & retrack for Stampida

    The new train is awesome x3
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    Uh, First Coaster/Park per State / Country?

    Illnois: American Eagle (2006) Ohio: Raptor or Disaster Transport (2008) Colorado: Candy Cane Coaster (2006) Florida: Dragon Wagon at Old Town (2002?)
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    What roller coaster would you like to ride backwards?

    Re: Best Backwards Rides? American Eagle on blue side!