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  1. Homer

    Last Cred Review

    Renegade at Valleyfair. Let me tell you that GCI shouldn't be slept on. Considering beforehand the only GCI's I've been on were original Gwazi (which aged like milk), White Lightning (fun yet short), and Kentucky Rumbler (the best KFC meal you can get); Renegade was an absolutely wild and...
  2. Homer

    Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023

    Teach me your ways of ****posting, dude.
  3. Homer

    CANCELLED - Remember the Gal Gadot! | SAN ANTONIO, TX PARKS | 9th - 10th May 2020

    I logged in for the first time since last May and already booked my flight. It's been 10,000 years.
  4. Homer

    Coasters you can't believe people love

    ITT: My nominations out of rides I've ridden. Raging Bull at SFGAm, granted it's one of B&M's first attempt at a hyper, it just felt like a big pile of meh. Not much air, boring layout. It felt like another notch in SFGAm's belt and it's overrated. Gwazi. Okay, we all hated it and I am glad...
  5. Homer

    The Games we play...

    Why do they call it the Xbox One? Because you'll turn one degree and walk away from it. I honestly don't have any hype or hope for the system. Charging users for used games, the 8 new IP's they hinted at are probably going to be Kinect gimmicks, and are people honestly going to buy a system...
  6. Homer

    "Now Showing"

    Iron Man 3 It was alright, but I think the first one is still the best one. Relied a little too much off humor for it's script, the action scenes are better than 2's, and I had nitpicks about Mandarin's portrayal. Then again, this is a separate universe and not the "comic book universe," so it'd...
  7. Homer

    Cheetah Hunt- Intamin for Busch Gardens Tampa

    WOW, I almost had to do a double take to recognize that was the Skyride entrance.
  8. Homer

    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    inb4 publicity stunts, sh*tstorm from locals, and the Arrow Pipeline coaster concept gets resurrected.
  9. Homer

    I want to go to this park....

    I heard Magic Mountain became a parking lot a few years ago. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  10. Homer

    The YouTube/Vine Thread [Post all vids in here!]

    Just letting you know Japan is still Japan.
  11. Homer

    The Games we play...

    Haters gonna hate. Been playing Pokeymans all spring break.
  12. Homer

    2010 Baseball Season

    Dallas Braden just thrown a perfect game after calling out A-Rod. Also, the Rays YET AGAIN, being on the wrong end of a perfect game. I feel both joy and pain from this bit of news.
  13. Homer

    The Games we play...

    God of War III feels more epic than the first two combined and I've only played 4 1/2 hours of it. GOTY so far, but I also got Uncharted 2 for my birthday and I haven't played it yet. I loved the first game, so all of the GOTY awards and reviews better be true. Naughty Dog has yet to...
  14. Homer

    2010 Baseball Season

    Feels awesome man. I say we actually finish the job we did in 2008... actually win a world series and continue trolling Boston and New York fans. Although I'm disappointed that Tampa can't embrace baseball unless they're in town and Tropicana Field has on average around 9,000 fans each game...
  15. Homer

    The Games we play...

    Pokemon HeartGold is glorious. Also, Pokewalker + shift at work = grinding done and rare pokemon at the same time. Also, I take more than 15000 steps in a 3 hour shift.
  16. Homer

    The Games we play...

    I played Diamond YEARS before it came out. Trust me, my uncle works at Nintendo.
  17. Homer

    The Games we play...

    Enough wagglan discussion, I'm kind of peeved Sony is going the casual route. But this sunday is my childhood coming back. Pokemon HeartGold, bros.
  18. Homer

    The Games we play...

    As long as it is not campy and he's badass, I don't mind. This could mean 2-player Bro-op gaming though! Something that could have made Arkham better.
  19. Homer

    SFOG GASM Coasterthon Winner!

    Congrats Sky! A picture is a 1000 words, this is just 3;