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  1. kir

    1st Time Disappointment!

    Wildfire at Kolmarden. Not being on the enthusiast circuit for years and years now, it was the first time I've gone out of my way to ride a new roller coaster for a long time. It was average. The first drop is incredibly tame. The next couple of elements are ridiculously good, and you...
  2. kir

    Best and Worst Airports

    Gatwick Airport is the ultimate worst.
  3. kir

    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | The Smiler | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1 This is going to make me feel desperately unwell. *vom*
  4. kir

    Music Recommendations

  5. kir

    "Now Showing"

    I posted the following sentiment on Twitter already, but clearly this hasn't satisfied my disatisfaction. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And I've seen Juno. And Pineapple Express. 1/10.
  6. kir

    Most Airtime

    Balder. I thought it was a lot better than El Disappointoro.
  7. kir

    Favorite one hit wonder

    Ooh, aah, just a little bit?
  8. kir

    Sexiest famous women!

    ^ If you put your thumb over her little head, it looks like a man in a strappy top.
  9. kir

    Fit male celebs

    Only just noticed this recently, but Ryan Giggs, I would!
  10. kir

    Best & Worst SLC you've been on?

    I've only been on two, Kumali which is just average and the one in Israel which was actually really smooth and fab. I actually thought it was a pretty superb coaster! <3
  11. kir

    The Tuck.

    I really thought this was going to be a poll about the morning wood "tuck", and I was really disappointed to find otherwise! :(
  12. kir

    "Green Lantern" B&M Stand Up for SFGAdv

    I'm gutted that this wasn't at SFGAdv when I went last year. But then I did get to ride that iconic trash GASM just a few weeks before it closed so I guess you win some, you lose some. It looks like a great coaster and I have a real soft spot for stand up rides... even though I've only been on a...
  13. kir

    Music Recommendations The closest we've come to decent 90's R&B for a few years. Absolutely cracking choon, she looks beautiful, the whole ordeal just makes me incredibly horny.
  14. kir


    Pierre darling, I think the football lout in you is a bit more easily pleased than your coaster lout! :P
  15. kir

    The Royal Wedding!

    Just seen Mr Bean arriving, looking genuinely confused. He must have got lost on the way to the shops or something. Typical ruddy Mr Bean.
  16. kir

    The Royal Wedding!

    I'll be watching today, because I'm in the office today and there's a big TV right in my eyeline. Although, I wouldn't have bothered watching otherwise, I'd have just gone to London to soak up the atmosphere. I'm not bothered at all though, Harry is def the prince for me. William is boring.
  17. kir

    UK Voting System

    I haven't read through this topic on purpose so I don't feel like my answer is influenced by somebody else's sparkling contribution, which is so easily done in politics. AV all the way for me. I'll keep my reason really simple. With AV you can give your vote much more depth, you're not just...
  18. kir

    UK Voting System

    That's exactly the kind of passion for the state of our government that should drive YOU to make changes! <3
  19. kir

    Sexuality VI

    Oh, sometimes I just wish I had a massive pair of tits and a vadge... :P
  20. kir

    Borderline Boilers

    SEAN CONNERY! But does it have to be a woman? I didn't read the rules.