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  1. carolinacoasterfreak

    What Could've Been - RMC Mega Zeph

    We all know after Katrina hit New Orleans, Six Flags New Orleans closed indefinitely. Rumors have been going around from time to time about the possible restoration of the park or it being bought by another company, but that seems to be far fetched. After recently seeing some pictures of the...
  2. carolinacoasterfreak

    SFGAdv still saying KingdaKa's tallest and fastest?

    So i dont know if this has been brought up before or not, but after just getting back from a trip to SFGAdv I found it annoying when in line for KingdaKa and kept on hearing them announce that it is still the tallest and fastest in the world. Does this bother anyone else as much as it does me??
  3. carolinacoasterfreak

    Thoughts on Las Vegas coasters??

    I went to Vegas a year back and rode The Roller Coaster at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino and also Speed at the Sahara. On my way to California I also got to ride Desperado at Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino on the boarder of Nevada and California. Personally I thought that Speed and...