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    Favourite coaster inversions?

    Hey coaster fans , so I’m not massively well traveled for coaster inversions but here’s my input for what it’s worth 1 icon in-line twist great hang time 2 nemesis loop always gets a tingle 3 shockwave zero g role 4 swarm zero g roll
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    Orlando - March/April 2022 (done)

    Wow Dave looks like you had a great trip and something I’m hoping to replicate myself, not sure my body can cope tho with a Bp pleasure beach late night riding session binning off my trip to towers 😂
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    Hi All Orlando parks Q’s

    Awesome this is the info I need
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    Hi All Orlando parks Q’s

    That’s great so rides like velosacoaster you can have ya phone in ya pocket?
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    Hi All Orlando parks Q’s

    Hey all new to the forum here, I’m from the uk but my first trip to the Us is planned in summer and it’s to Orlando parks universal, SeaWorld and bush gardens. I’m wondering about something that’s confusing me, No matter who’s blogs I watch can you take you’re phone into the queue line say if...