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    Energylandia 10-Year Plan Predictions

    Right now, Energylandia is growing the park way too fast. I wonder that what if Energylandia needed to sell to the another theme park chain to help the park to slow down expanding the park. Here’s my 10-year plan for Energylandia: 2022 - Vekoma Mine Train 2023 - Sold to Meme World Parks &...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    Here is my future predictions for the Blackpool Pleasure Beach from 2022-2032: 2022 - Zamperla Air Race and S&S Spin Shot 2023 - RMC Conversion of Grand National 2024 - Sold to Meme World Parks & Resorts 2025 - B&M Giga cloned to Orion and Zamperla Giant Discovery 2026 - Funtime Starflyer 2027...
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    B&M’s Next Hyper/Giga Coaster Installation

    After B&M built Candymonium at Hersheypark as a hyper coaster and Orion at Kings Island as a giga coaster, do you think that they will design and manufacture more hyper/giga coasters? If so, where will they build their next hyper coaster at? If you think that B&M will build their second hyper...
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    Chinese knock-off coasters in United States?

    Chinese ride manufactures have been copying the original designs from other manufactures outside of China and make it their own version of the design what they designed. I’m wondering that what IF there’s a Chinese knock-off coaster being built in the United States. That would be a TROLLING...
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    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex Kentucky Kingdom’s RMC Raptor project got cancelled but that’s illegal for ScreamScape to post. I think this is not true because Herschend will have to recover the RMC Raptor project.
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    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    The RMC Invert might cost cheaper than B&M Invert and Vekoma STC.
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    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    I’m think you’re right, they’ll probably have an RMC’s version of a B&M Batman clone using the T-Rex Track.
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    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    Well, we haven’t heard from RMC about where will the first T-Rex coaster be located at. I’ll go over the Raptor and the T-Rex: *Raptor - It is a smaller single-rail track compared to the T-Rex track that doesn’t have to be a Hyper-Raptor or a Giga-Raptor. *T-Rex - It’s the original single-rail...
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    Astroworld is coming back after people wasn’t expecting Six Flags Astroworld closed down for good in 2005.

    We all know that Travis Scott wants to bring back Astroworld in Houston, Texas. It first opened in 1968 when park owner, Roy Hofheinz, developed a massive 116-acres theme park and it was a success. He survived a stroke two years after opening and then sold to Six Flags in 1975 until the park was...
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    Kentucky Kingdom’s next coaster for the 2022 season

    I’ve found out that rides can’t be over 180 feet tall because Skycoaster was the tallest attraction at Kentucky Kingdom stood at the maximum height of 180 feet. So I am wondering about that what IF Kentucky Kingdom would finally get a hyper coaster standing at the maximum height of 180 ft with...
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    Fun with Gantt charts: Is your park maintaining its attraction lineup?

    EDIT: I'm leaving this post here as it's a reminder of how not to post. Warning issued. Hixee Well, Herschend now owned Kentucky Kingdom to help the park to keep maintaining its attraction lineup because the park located near the Louisville International Airport. The height restriction that...
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    B&M’s Next Coaster Model after Surfing Coaster Model

    What do you think about how the B&M Water Coaster will work? Splashdown, Inversions, Airtime Hills, etc.?
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    WTF Merlin?

    Edit: Totally off topic, totally crap. Warning issued. Hixee
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    B&M’s Next Coaster Model after Surfing Coaster Model

    Because this Vekoma SLC has been rumored to get removed by Herschend and give this B&M Batman clone for the NEXT GENERATION OF FEAR, known as “Terror of the Fourth Power”.
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    B&M’s Next Coaster Model after Surfing Coaster Model

    If T3 ended up removed, yes it would be a perfect fit to replace T3 with this Batman clone as T4.
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    B&M’s Next Coaster Model after Surfing Coaster Model

    You meant, they’re going to start re-cloning Batman the Ride, right?
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    B&M’s Next Coaster Model after Surfing Coaster Model

    Sorry about that. I sometimes include the polls.
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    B&M’s Next Coaster Model after Surfing Coaster Model

    After B&M showed us the concept of their new Surfing Roller Coaster, I have an idea about which coaster model will B&M manufacture. Let me know about how does this next B&M coaster model works.
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    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    I know. It would be cool to see the RNRC clone with the new track design.