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    Rate the joke above

    4/10..twas OK What happened to the blind circumciser? He got the sack.
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    I don't prefer either. They're only nice when together in one mouthful. On their own I don't really like either.
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    whats your favourite sport?

    My favourite sport to play is singles Tennis. It's just so involving. To watch probably a good match of football.
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    How many coasters have you been on over 200 ft.?

    1. Just Stealth sadly. But hopefully will be two with my visit to Europa Park in the summer.
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    UK's Best Tower Ride

    I love detonator, its just so shocking and purely powerful. Scares me every time. Det gets my vote.
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    Would you ride Flying Circus?

    No. I'm sure it isnt but to me it looks sort of unsafe. It would probably be uncomfortable and I would most likely be sick.
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    Tesco or Tescos?

    I tend to call it Tesco's but By looking at the evidence that doesnt seem to be the correct way to say it...
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    Most annoying thing at a park.

    The thing I find most anoying is long que times. Second is people smoking in ques (especially if they are right next to me). I also find it anoying when people pretend to know it all but they dont. A guy in the NI que was telling his girlfriend how stealth went at 120mph and went upside at the...
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    Oblivion - Front or Back Row?

    I definetley prefer the front. You get an awesome view of the drop and I love the mist hitting your face as you enter the tunnel. You seem to get more of a sense of speed at the front as well.
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    How physically fit are you?

    I would say I'm moderatley fit. I weigh almost 6 stone and I am just about 5 foot. I have a very good diet but I dont do an incredible amount of exercise(6 hours a week I think it is). So I would say I am moderatley fit.
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    Ghost Trains - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

    I 'dislike' them. They are mainly boring, not scary, and provide literally no thrill compared to a coaster. This is based on a few rides on cheap Ghost trains at fairs however. Im sure one with a lot of money spent on it would be quite good.
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    Ache or Hache.

    When you say the letter 'H' do you say Ache or Hache?
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    Are You A Chip Fan?

    I like thin crispy chips with ketchup, like Mcdonalds chips. Fat fluffy ones i do not like at all- especially the ones you get at a fish and chip shop.
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    Kings Island vs Kings Dominion

    Ive been to PKD and i was quite dissapointed. It had rides with high reputation but most of them didnt deliver. Looking at PKI it's probably the better park. Despite generally having less Thrill Rides I think it would prevail when it came to quality.
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    The Simpsons or Futurama?

    I choose futurama. OK alot of the simpsons episodes are great and really make me laugh, but i think Futurama is more consistent when it comes to good jokes. I also love the very original characters in Futurama- the professor and Doctor Zoidberg being my favourites.
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    Which one will break the 500ft barrier first?

    I think it is far more likely that we will see a 500 foot coaster. I think that having the tallest and fastest rollercoaster is far more marketable than having the worlds tallest drop tower. I also think that a roller coaster would attract more guests than a tower as well. It cant be that hard...
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    X or Tatsu?

    I would choose Tatsu. I love the sensation of flight that you get on air, so i can imagine that the sensation on tatsu is far greater with the speed and all.I would also love to experience a pretzel loop. X doesnt apeal to me that much, i think i would probably feel ill afterwards and i dont...
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    Least Favourite Alton Coaster

    Out of the rides there i would say nemesis. I was really dissapointed with it after some saying it was the best in the world I found it un-exciting and it hurt my back.. I didnt get to ride Rita so I cant vote on the poll. Out of all of altons coasters i would say spinball whizzer, its just...
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    How painfull is Colossus at thorpe park ??

    Colossus seems more loud than painful. The only part that gives me a headache is the cobra roll. Other than that its just noisy.
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    UK's Best Log Flume

    Loggers leap. Loads of airtime on the double drop. Also you dont get too wet either.