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    Your favorite coaster for ejector/flojector/floater?

    Ejector: Lightning Rod Flojector: Fury 325 Floater: Voyage
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    Top 3 coaster experiences?

    1, Fury 325 night ride 2. El Toro night ride 3. Phantom's Revenge night ride
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    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    I can speak from experience. Lightning Run I had 2 back seat rides on it, first ride of the day and just before I left the park around 5 pm. The later ride absolutely flew through the layout providing stronger airtime than in the morning.
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    "Now Showing"

    Parasite: Very well done movie. Well thought out editing and cinematography, final 15 minutes are amazing. The overall themes were too similar to the Joker, however I think both movies have some great qualities to them. Final Grade: A+
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    Wonderland Eurasia/Ankapark closes - After a year of operation.

    Hopefully a US park will buy the 10 looper!
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    Best B&M Flying Coaster?

    1. Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain 2. Manta - SeaWorld Orlando 3. Air - Alton Towers 4. Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great Adventure 5. Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America
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    Rank the Pixar Movies (so far).

    Based on rank the Star Wars movies/MCU. I'll kick this thread off. 1. Finding Nemo 2. Inside Out 3. Coco 4. Up 5. Ratatouille 6. The Incredibles 7. Wall-E 8. Monsters Inc. 9. Toy Story 10. Cars 11. The Good Dinosaur 12. Toy Story 2 13. Toy Story 3 14. Finding Dory 15. Cars 3 16. Incredibles 2...
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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Planning to see the Eagles at the LA Forum in April and Green Day w/ Weezer at Dodgers Stadium in July.
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    In America: 1. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point 2. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England 3. Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia 4. Maxx Force - Six Flags Great America 5. Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso - Six Flags Fiesta Texas 6. RailBlazer - California's Great America 7. Ravine Flyer II -...
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg Project 2021 - 355ft Height Waiver Filed

    I was thinking Speed: The Ride but without the loop.
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    "Now Showing"

    1917: Absolutely astounding! This was the first film I saw in the new year. I was intrigued on how the made the whole film appear as a single take. Final Grade: A+
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    Your biggest positive surprise?

    Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom.
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    Best coasters for Giving a sense of 'flying'

    Air at Alton Towers was perfect in this regard,
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Having experienced the new style trains on Great Nor'Easter, they improve the ride ten-fold.
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    Predicting the most successful new coaster type of the 2020s.

    Suspended Thrill Coasters. For one Vekoma is cheaper than B&M or Intamin. Their coasters are extremely reliable too, I've never seen a Vekoma break down before. They also give parks an option to replace their outdated, waning in popularity SLC's with something new and improved.
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    Looking back at the 2010s

    I rode so many coasters this decade both in America and abroad, I've also gone from less than 100 to over 300 coasters ridden! Top 20 Coasters (2009) 1. Millennium Force - Cedar Point 2. Maverick - Cedar Point 3. X - Six Flags Magic Mountain 4. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 5. Diamondback -...
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    Biggest Disappointment...

    Any simulator ride at Universal Studios.
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2022

    That is if it doesn't break down every 6 seconds.