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  1. MestnyiGeroi

    Your worst spite

    And better than my travelling to the UAE and not being allowed to ride Formula Rossa!
  2. MestnyiGeroi

    Your worst spite

    It was down for my trip as well, and from what I hear that’s a very common occurrence.
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    My summer

    I was traveling with family in Europe this summer, and I really lapsed in terms of staying in touch around here. But now I have time for a very quick summary at the very least. The summer was amazing — so many beautiful places! That said, it wasn’t too heavy on the coasters. I believe I got 34...
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    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Bombay Express | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2023?

    June is well outside the tourist season, though.
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    Uzbekistan PTR: Khiva and Final Parks

    I visited Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara back in the early 90s. It was one of the most memorable places I’d ever visited, especially as it was not like any place I’d visited up to that point. Bukhara in particular really felt like a step into a time many centuries ago.
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    If you drive, do you prefer to pull forward into a bay or reverse into a bay?

    I find that when I drive into a bay, the water tends to ruin the engine. I avoid it.
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    Question about adult/child admission policy

    That’s clearly more understandable when only the children will be using the facilities. Adventureland is a family amusement park, and all the rides I saw were rideable by adults — and were being ridden by adults as much as by children. 🤷‍♂️
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    Milestones in Your Counts

    Alpina Blitz is a worthy milestone.
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    Question about adult/child admission policy

    Last week I visited Adventureland, in New York, for the first time (surprising, since I’ve lived nearby in NYC for decades). I enjoyed it. But I just couldn’t get over the weirdness of the admissions price structure. Adults over 25 years old are charged $32 USD. All visitors under 25 are...
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    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Bombay Express | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2023?

    I only just heard this a couple of days ago. I’m stunned. As has been mentioned, I hope it’s going to be a re-theme and re-opening. I am glad I got to visit. I thought the park was a lot of fun. The food was good, the many shows were what you’d expect from a Bollywood park, and some rides were...
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    Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?

    Careful now. If you already find it pretty Zen to begin with, then having a Zen ride on it would mean risking becoming one with the universe.
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    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    Superman El Ultimo Escape — a gently undulating monorail with a lovely view. Many others seem to have ridden a coaster by the same name with amazing forces.
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    Notable Deaths 2023

    I didn’t know he was close to passing and I’ll admit this one made me cry. I loved him so much when he was at Chelsea. Only Zola in that era surpassed him for my love.
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    Seven-Country, Eight-Week Euro Jam (July, August '22)

    A long overdue follow-up. I went to a neurologist and had a bevy of tests with regard to my concussion. Keeping it short here I’ll just say that he stressed that if ever I again have a repeat of the concussed feeling I should give it a rest for a couple of weeks. But he wasn’t terribly concerned...
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    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    Ah, I see. As they say, I’m sorry for your loss. EDIT: Oh, and ignore the previous mention of cheese. It is true that I love a bit of cheese, but I only brought it up because I misread something in your post. 😝
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I can’t chime in as to where the piece was found, but surely turning it in to park authorities — rather than keeping it as a souvenir — would have aided and maybe expedited the immediate investigation into what happened and why.
  17. MestnyiGeroi

    SeaWorld San Antonio | Catapult Falls | Launched Flume Ride | 2023

    Apparently the drop equals Chiapas’ for steepness? I’m in! And looking forward to a flume launch for sure. Just wish it were longer.
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    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    Will do — can’t resist cheese. Wait, is something going on with Tyrolean Tubtwist as well? That and the Snails ride are also rides I’m really looking forward to. Don’t tell me …
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    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    At the risk of playing the martyr here, the combination of my really wanting to ride this weird coaster since it opened yet never getting the chance to yet finally planning a UK coaster trip for next summer — just may make me the most disappointed person on this forum for its closure. And now...
  20. MestnyiGeroi

    Lightwater Valley - Future?

    So you’re saying there’s still a chance?