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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Spinning seats on the back of normal trains aesthetically look dumb (it's like the seats broke loose from a non spinning car on the train). Oldschool Vekoma Boomerangs really have smart designs, and the ones that are less rough are actually really fun.
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Never rode any of their (three) rides but I've read very great comments about their invert in South-Africa. A ride similar to B&M inverts (because they basically are) but with the potential to do way more quick transition with the different train setup. I think I don't know enough about the...
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    Most immersive rollercoaster experience outside of Disney and Universal?

    Of the coasters I've experienced: FLY, Taron and Vliegende Hollander jump to mind immediately.
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    Great Coaster Names That Haven't Been Used Yet.

    We did a Speed Build Challenge in the gaming section of the forum. I created a B&M hyper that I called Falcons Flight. I loved that name. However, now it turned out to be the name of the new record breaking Intamin at Six Flags Qedia. Coincidence? ;) Other made up names for announced and...
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    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    A true brain cracker, but I came up with the following order of all I've ridden: 1. Black mamba Yep, that's it... a pretty good ride though.
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    Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024

    Well I don't really think it has to do with trends or anything like that. The mentioned rides all have dark themes where dark colours make the most sense. The two family wing coasters have way more fun and positive theming. So I would probably make comparable decisions on picking colours for...
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    45 Minute Coaster Challenge.

    Hi all, I wanted to try something new. Something I ended up enjoying a lot. I call it the 45 minute coaster challenge. I started out building a launch coaster on a very limited plot of land. In the video attached here you can see the result. I am planning on doing this more often. Maybe even...
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    Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024

    Really not a fan of the new paint. In my opinion, it looks tacky... I understand why people were not a fan of the rusty look (I've only seen it on pictures but I liked it), however at least it had something real and raw.
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    Whats your favorite Intamin

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    Last Cred Review

    Yesterday I visited a park that has been high on my list for a while: Phantasialand. Every great thing I heard about this park is true. What a beautiful place. The way they used their relatively small plot of land to create themed areas this detailed and immersive is just amazing. Also their...
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    Whats your favorite Intamin

    1. Taron (Launch coaster, Phantasialand) - The forceful launches, the quick transitions, sense of speed, diving through the rock work... amazing ride! 2. Goliath (Mega coaster, Walibi Holland) - The middle part of the ride didn't do too much, but the airtime moments on the first and last part of...
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    Warner Bros Movie World new and relocated coasters

    So next year Movie World is going from 5 to 9 coasters (if you count both boomerang coasters). Impressive.
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    Walibi Holland | Eat My Dust | Zamperla Junior Coaster | 2023

    I get it, it's probably not for everyone. But from a creative aspect, it's almost necessary that a themepark tries something new. Sometimes I start to doubt the creativity of themparks after the 30th park in the world opens there pirate/wildwest/movie-adapted themed area. It's feels...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    What the * is this? If I would have created this during my time in designschool my teacher would think I was joking.
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    Furuviksparken | Lightning | Vekoma Family Coaster | 2023

    It's good that Kolmarden took this direction, although it's sad they only realised the necessity after the death of the zoo keeper and a few animals. It's very sad to see videos like the one you shared. Dolphins are also not really the type of animals to keep in a basin so I don't think that's a...
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    Furuviksparken | Lightning | Vekoma Family Coaster | 2023

    I've read somewhere that Kolmarden has a very specific vision on mainly keeping endangered species and helping the population grow, am I right? I am not all against zoos. But I do think that a big part of the zoos I have been keep animals in too tiny spaces and have a commercial balance that...
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023

    It looks like something in the middle between a zero-g-roll and a corkscrew. With a little fantasy you could say this is what it looks like if a surfer catches a wave and does a backflip when getting off (wave-roll?). 😄
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    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    Yeah maybe you're right. The theatrical approach of the old attraction with the beautiful classical musicpiece was something I really liked. It almost feels like that is what the biggest change is going to be: a theatrical attraction turned into a ride.
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    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    I am not too sure about the new ride, for now... The whole rotating seat system sounds to me like a good product showcase for the ride engineer, but I don't feel the combination of the visual theme and the chosen ride system yet. But of course we don't know that much details yet. So I might...
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    Dollywood | Big Bear Mountain | Vekoma Family Launched Coaster | 2023

    If you take a close look to the track, it actually looks inspired by their old trackstyle. But with the rail being attached to the track spine from the inside instead of the outside.