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    SFMM 2011 - 3 new coasters including a ZacSpin!

    Okay, does anybody really count a glorified paint job as a "new" coaster? Cedar Point. ^That clever zinger had so much pop that I deserve this cool smiley -> cool)
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    Clowns Protest Against Carnival Of Screams

    Well, it definitely beats banning body odor...
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    Should they take down Son of Beast?

    Everybody hates it now, but after it's gone it'll be a legend just like Drachen Fire.
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    Are you a film buff?

    78/250. To be fair, I've seen 15 of the top 20 and didn't count a couple dozen more that I've seen in parts but never in one sitting.
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    Favourite B&M Invert?

    ^Too bad there wasn't any mist for you on Afterburn, it creates a cool foot chopper if you're in the front. 1. Afterburn 2. Montu 3. Batman 4(tie). Dueling Dragons-Ice 4(tie). Great Bear 5. Dueling Dragons-Fire
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    USA Steel Bracket Finals

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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    Steel: Ninja (SFOG) Wood: Son of Beast
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    Lost - the final season! (UK people spoilers found within!!)

    Not the worst possible ending, but still not very good. I didn't have a problem with the main plot points (excluding sideways land) and already expected that we wouldn't get many answers. Still, the episode wasn't very good because all the action on the island felt mechanical and hollow. All...
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    Roller Coaster Tycoon Movie....

    Really? How greedy can Hollywood get? Why can't they just stick to movie premises that make sense like Battleship or Monopoly...