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    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    ^ Fastest is debatable, they quote 95mph but SD2K officially hits 96, that said this looks to have both a larger and steeper drop so it should easily beat out SD2K. As for the ride I think it looks pretty great, except for that epicly slow turnaround near the end.
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    Best Sushi

    This sounds lethal. I personally prefer more traditional sushi over the more westernized rolls. Of course they can be okay on occasion, but generally I think they ruin the flavor of the fish (sashimi FTW).
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    The food we cook...

    I made some food last night, no pics as I am a human being and ate it. Pan seared chicken breasts with a Ceylon cinnamon and sherry vinegar sauce Mashed Sweet Potatoes Caramelized leeks with bacon and apples
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    The thin ones are just failed crêpes. Thick are actually pancakes, more notably the cake part. Even the the thin ones are hardly a meal.
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    Did you ever feel the "Magic"?

    No, I honestly never really enjoy visits to Disney, to start with I'm not a huge fan of Disney movies or very much of their associated brands. My biggest complaint is that even on a slow day I can't enjoy myself because the park is full of bratty little toddlers, crazed parents trying to cripple...
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    Does anyone else think airtime is overrated?

    Airtime is a key part of an amazing ride but does not need to be the sole focus. A ride can't be really amazing without at least a moderate amount of airtime. The reason I really love airtime is that it is simply thrilling, I don't really like most rides that are just inversion after inversion...
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    Watchu get foe x-mas 2013

    A nice fleece jacket, a photography book, a nice tripod to replace my **** old one, a cable shutter release, various and sundry other camera related tidbits, some kitchen things, $40, an itunes gift card and a good dress watch that I can actually wear with things other than a t-shirt.
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Falcon's Fury | Intamin Drop Tower

    ^ Except 4+ g's on your stomach would suck.
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    Favourite pasta shape

    Glaring emission of bucatini, far and away the best type. Good tooth and stays on a fork better than spaghetti but can still stand up to a nice, traditional sauce. As far as for just gorging on or using as a general starch in a meal I have to go with gemelli. PS: gnocchi are amazing but are not...
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    Best Coaster Turns/Turnarounds

    The floater airtime on Silver Bullet's overbank is amazing, definitely the best part of the ride. Also the low turn closest to the station on Coaster, it just starts pretty mellow but the exit is so brutal it's wonderful. Maverick's two overbanks, especially the second, really good fast...
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    Six Flags Mexico | Medusa Steel Coaster | RMC Iron Horse

    I think a nice bright green would really make it pop and look a bit better than the molly orange.
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    Las Vegas Adventuredome | El Loco | S&S El Loco

    It's not nearly as steep as usual, only around 90* give or take instead of 115* so I image it will be.
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    Las Vegas Adventuredome | El Loco | S&S El Loco

    Should be amazing, random right hand turn while upside down.
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    Which coasters have the coolest looking trains?

    ^ Really, Medusa's front plate is vastly better and the wheel covers look tacky and ****.
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    How should the height record have been broken?

    I like the fact this is going to be a huge ass el loco but considering the $100 million price tag I think all subsequent record breakers will be at something other than a park.
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    USThrillRides Polercoaster opening near Atlanta & in Florida

    Re: USThrillRides Polercoaster opening near Atlanta & in Flo I love the idea but hope that it's like **** insane version of the el locos as opposed to a giant piece of helix crap, but I have more confidence since Shilke is designing it.
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    Preferred Baguette Cutting Method

    Both but rings need to be cut off of the loaf at a decent angle (30*+) or they're too small, I usually consume as rings for snacking and a sub if it's for breakfast or a sandwich.
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    How many meals do you have each day?

    Breakfast and dinner everyday with light snacking in between. Breakfast is usually massive, 4+ scrambled eggs, toast and some cereal.
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    Gianvanola Hypers to receive seat-belts

    Since both are owned by Six Flags and one is at SFOT I bet that this is because of the New Texas Giant incident and lawsuit.
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    Is Smiler's Inversion Record Strictly Canon?

    It has the inversion record but it is a bit of a stretch to call the either part of the cobra-roll an inversion, especially the second half as it is at barely past 90* at the top.