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    Highlights of your 2015 Season

    Looking back on 2015, it has been a bit of a crazy year for me, doing more trips than I've ever done before, surely breaking my record of riding the most coasters and going to the most theme parks in a year, going to places where I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever be able to go, and...
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    Trip Plans For 2016

    Yeah, would definitely be up for a meet if I do ever make it there. Really can't see myself making it for a few more years at least though. :(
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    Trip Plans For 2016

    My brother is getting married in Jamaica in April, which I really want to go to, so that's likely going to be a week relaxing there. Other than that, I've got a bit of a list of places which I'd really like to go to, but nothing's for sure, and definitely won't get all done next year: -...
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    Culture, Heide Park and Hansa Park

    I think I've seen that Miniatur Wunderland airport on a Facebook video; it looks fascinating. Hansa Park looks excellent, and definitely want to get there myself soon!
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    Favorite cartoon?

    The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Dexter's Lab, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Futurama, Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Animaniacs, Recess, Lloyd in Space, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Loony Tunes, Duck Dodgers, Wacky Races, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, The Flintstones...
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    Japan 2015

    Great reports Serena and Jordan. It was a true surprise and pleasure that you managed to come on the trip after all, Serena; glad to hear you had a fab time even if your trip was short but sweet. :) I had an absolute fab time, and as usual with these international trips travelling as friends...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Definitely for Oblivion, as the queue is vile for that (well, the inside bit is fab, but the majority of it is standing on a bridge with full exposure to the sun). Otherwise, we all went single rider for Raptor and it didn't take long at all. If you're desperate for front though, it's well...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    As everyone else has written such amazing trip reports in such a high amount of detail, with some excellent photos, plus my general lack of motivation to write a report myself, I've decided not to write a proper trip report... Instead, I have tried to summarise each park in mostly terrible...
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    Strawberry Laces

    Walking down the sweet aisle in your local supermarket, and there you see it; three packs of sweets for £1. Obviously, you bypass the dolly mixture as they're vile, and who the hell buys supermarket-brand chocolate buttons and gummies? Milk bottles are good, but you hardly get any in a bag...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Definitely the sexiest post you've ever made, Ian. If that doesn't win me CPoA, I don't know what will!
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Sorry it’s taken me a while to get around to writing a report. I can only blame this on my laziness I’m afraid. I had been looking forward to this trip for months; having never been to Italy before but having always wanted to go, this CF trip couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me...
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    Watching PoVs

    Ride PoVs for most of the world's best rides and roller coasters can easily be accessible on YouTube, giving you an opportunity to watch rides which you might never have the opportunity to ride, or even watch rides if you are planning to visit the park in a kind of "try before you buy" scenario...
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    Top 10 Individual Moments of Airtime?

    Not in order, but here are my top 10 airtime moments which I can remember: Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce - The constant bunny hops on the final stretch of the ride are unforgettable. Phoenix, Knoebels - My ass was barely in the seat the whole way round, but the double-down into the double-up...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    I'll write a longer trip report with a few photos later, but I'd just like to thank everyone for such an amazing, fun and generally relaxed week. Special thanks goes to Nic and Ian for all the organisation, and Peter for volunteering to drive. This photo is still making me laugh, so until I...
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    Rock & Rollercoasters VI - PBB - Trip Reports - May '15

    Thank you once again to everyone who made it yet another brilliant CF weekend! :)
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    Never going there again!

    The two that immediately come to mind are Kings Dominion and Indiana Beach. Both are vile places which I hated with quite a passion... Although saying that, Kings Dominion does have a few creds that I need... In the UK, I'd be really hard pushed to go back to either Flamingo Land or Oakwood.
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    CF UK Election

    In the 2010 general election, I voted Liberal Democrat nationally and Labour locally. This time around I'm very much undecided, but I'm really struggling to see how I'm going to vote for the Conservatives. The Greens and UKIP are totally out of the question for me, and I'd never vote for...
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    Coasters you can't believe people love

    Not so much from an enthusiast point of view, as there are only a handful of people who love it, but I seem to find a lot of the general public love Saw at Thorpe Park... It's just so bleh, with it's awkwardly bulky restraints that cut into your arms and legs, and it's headache-inducing...
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    Hey guys, so I've just got off the phone for a conference call with Nick Varney, Andrew Carr, David Bridgford, Mark Fisher, and Nick Mackenzie, and there were some pretty interesting developments: - Secret Weapon 8 has been confirmed to be a wooden Aquatrax through the valley. - Replacing Blade...
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    Aussie World 12/04/15

    No need for the spite reminder! :P I'd love to get back to Australia one day, just for a holiday rather than study, and with actually a way of getting around (i.e. go with someone who can drive) to do all the things I missed!