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    New Doomsday?

    OMG! I better start going to church and loving Jesus now!
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    Oldest coasters you've ridden

    Top 10 oldest: 1. Jack Rabbit, Kennywood, 1920 - Thought it was a fun ride, but unfortunately due to assigned seating I didn't get a chance to experience the ride in the back and the drop at its best. 2. Roller Coaster, Lagoon, 1921 - Was surprisingly very smooth, but the ride did...
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    Top 10 steel coasters that aren't B&M or Intamin

    1. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain 2. Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain 3. Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood 4. Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point 5. Steel Force, Dorney Park 6. Speed: The Ride, Nascar Cafe 7. Colossus: The Fire Dragon, Lagoon 8. Wicked, Lagoon 9. Gemini, Cedar Point 10. Loch...
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    Schwarzkopf - hero, or hopeless?

    ^Ahh, that sucks. As for shuttle loops, I've ridden Monte and SFKK's Greezed Lightnin', and Montezooma's Revenge is miles faster, more forceful, and just overall better. And from what I've heard, most of the shuttle loops are more like Greezed Lightnin' and fairly tame... so it's a real shame...
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    Schwarzkopf - hero, or hopeless?

    Hero. I love the concept of Schwarzkopf coasters. They're simple, fun, and other than Revolution, unrestrictive. The shuttle loops are even pretty thrilling when going through those forceful loops backwards. And some of his rides are just so crappy and old fashion that they're fun, like...
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    Las Vegas Roller Coasters

    I also have to agree with the Roller Coaster height thing. I rode it when I was 12, and really, really short, and I thought it was a pretty good ride. I'd really like to ride it again and see if the height factor really does matter. Speed was definitely the best, I actually really liked it...
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    Mitch Hawker's Polls (Steel Results - Page 7!)

    Regarding Phoenix, I truly think it has the best airtime out of anything I've ridden. You're basically standing up in the front seat; it's unbelievable. If it could just have an interesting layout, I think it would be better than Boulder Dash. Still though, with that insane airtime plus the...
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    Your Park Itinerary 2011

    Let me know if this happens, I'd be more than happy to cuddle on Ghostrider's epic new MCBR. ;) 2011 is looking to be my most fun year yet! I have a trip all planned out with my friend in Virginia. I'll be staying with him for a few days and re-visiting KD and BGW, and then we're heading...
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    Six Flags Magic Mountain V.I.P Tour

    ^Everything should be open by June, but with that said I can tell you that you'll be disappointed with spending $300 for a day at Magic Mountain. Yes it's a great park, and your day may be rushed, but that's a little extreme... and I doubt a park like SFMM puts on that good of a show for a VIP...
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    Crucial elements for fun.

    I love launches and big first drops. Quick flies through tunnels are great too. I also love added effects and theming.
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    Favourite Invert Manufacturer?

    Yeah, B&M is for sure the best at Inverts, but I love Volcano and I'd love to try more Intamin inverts. I think with more height and creativity, Intamin really has a chance to compete with B&M.
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    Intamin Release Plans for 12-Inversion Coaster

    Ugh, motion sickness torture. 5+ is too many imo. :P
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    Intimidators: Timmy and 305

    I totally see your point here and I agree that the layout is pretty ridiculous for what the ride should be. But when it re-opens this year, as long as it's amazing like people were saying it was when it first opened last year, I don't care what it should or could be like... I'll just be happy...
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    Theme Park site of the Year 2010

    I don't even check Screamscape though, I just wait for someone to post its news on CoasterForce or any other forum I check. If it's important, it'll show up here eventually!
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    Theme Park site of the Year 2010

    Coasterforce for sure. :)
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    Favourite B&M Floorless Steel Roller Coaster?

    Medusa West is the best... actually it's the only one I really enjoy. Dommy's probably my second favorite but I didn't care much for it at all. Hydra's third, only for some of the cool features it has, but the rest sucks, and then Dark Knight, Bizarro and Scream! are complete ****.
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    Another Year Gone By - A Reflection On The 2010 Season

    Probably coming back to the station on Boulder Dash and loving the fact that this coaster was hyped and loved by so many people, and it completely lived up to all of it! And this was especially great because lots of other stuff on the trip had been a disappointment (EL TORO). In early 2010...
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    Intimidators: Timmy and 305

    It's only a shameful excuse for a giga because of the trims, so with them gone, it will completely be the amazing coaster it once was! So excited to be re-riding next year. :--D
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    Better coaster: Bizarro (SFNE) or Millennium Force

    Bizarro, but Millennium Force is right behind it at #3. I actually think they're both really similar, they're long, fast, smooth, have great pacing and great drops. But when Millennium Force hits the brakes, Bizarro is still doing a ton of other fun stuff. :)