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  1. Mrsupersonic8

    The Olde Country or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Crowds - BGW, 14 July 2018

    Time for a trip report from a park I've always wanted to go to, Busch Gardens! While I had come with my family, we parted ways early on as they aren't thrill seekers like I am, so I would've just dragged them around. Also, I had a plan in place: go clockwise around the park and clear out all...
  2. Mrsupersonic8

    Smoothest Non-RMC/GCI/Gravity Group Woodies

    Yankee Cannonball. For how old it is, it's very smooth--so smooth, in fact, that it caught me off guard!
  3. Mrsupersonic8

    Darien Lake | Tantrum | Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    Track and supports are now onsite!
  4. Mrsupersonic8

    How crowded do you like an amusement park?

    B. I like having a lively park, but too many people can start making the queue times go up, and I really prefer short lines and walk-ons. A perfect example I can think of is last year at Great Escape. There was a healthy crowd of people around, but just enough so the longest wait was at most 5...
  5. Mrsupersonic8

    SFFT | Wonder Woman Golden Lasso | RMC Raptor

    Great, now that means I'll have to type in that atrocious name every time I want to look up the layout in RCDB. Why couldn't they call it Wonder Woman and be done with it?
  6. Mrsupersonic8

    Darien Lake | Tantrum | Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    New animation from Darien Lake!
  7. Mrsupersonic8

    Darien Lake | Tantrum | Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    Wouldn't that just be a Skywarp? I kid, of course.
  8. Mrsupersonic8

    Darien Lake | Tantrum | Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    *facedesk* Why? Just.... why? Why the name? It's just begging for a coaster parody. *Sigh*... I suppose there's worse names out there.
  9. Mrsupersonic8


    Somewhere between A and B. I'm fine with it as long as it's not annoying. Case in point:
  10. Mrsupersonic8

    Angle of Airtime: Does it Matter?

    A. Short answer: because airtime is airtime, even if you're sideways. Long answer: airtime is when the negative vertical G's are present, whether it's just enough to counteract the force of gravity (drop/floater) or to put you against your restraint (ejector). The angle doesn't matter, only...
  11. Mrsupersonic8

    Favorite Park Song/Music

    California Screamin'! I can't believe I forgot about it. I'm surprised no one else has posted it's soundtrack.
  12. Mrsupersonic8

    Favorite Park Song/Music

    Millennium Force's and TTD's themes. The latter is a real song (Ready to Go by Republica) and the full version is AWESOME.
  13. Mrsupersonic8

    Why no Gravity Group at a major park yet?

    ...Holiday World? I'd like to think they're a major park, even if they're not "corporate". And yes, I know there's the Chinese corporate parks (Happy Valley, Fantawild Dreamland, Oriental Heritage, etc.), but it's highly unlikely that your average coaster enthusiast would be able to visit them.
  14. Mrsupersonic8

    Cedar Point Announces Cedar Creek Mystic Mine Ride for Halloweekends

    Great...yet another shed to be disappointed by. On an old classic, no less.
  15. Mrsupersonic8

    My Coaster-Count Debacle or: Am I the only one who thinks Coaster-Count sucks?

    Let's start this debacle from the beginning... I registered my account a while ago out of some vague curiosity to see what kind of coaster counting they offer. I got to the page that said it would take about a week to confirm my e-mail address. So I checked back a week later; nothing in the...
  16. Mrsupersonic8

    Antinos' 2017 Thread (Dollywood Finale! - Page 5)

    Thank you so much for giving my home park some love! Seriously, Predator isn't as bad as people say it is. The only coaster in the park that's really bad is Mind Eraser, but that's a given seeing as it's an SLC. What the park REALLY needs is a new coaster, either by way of building the Intamin...
  17. Mrsupersonic8

    Your Biggest Coaster Surprise?

    Yankee Cannonball, Canobie Lake Park. I was going into it expecting it to be about as rough as your typical woodie, but I was caught off guard by it's smoothness. It has to be the smoothest woodie I've ridden to date. Considering it's age, that's impressive; most woodies, even the smoothest...
  18. Mrsupersonic8

    Boardwalk Cred - Ocean City, Maryland, 8 August 2017

    While in Ocean City, I decided to snatch up whatever credits there were in the area. The two parks that most interested me were at the end of the boardwalk, an almost 40 minute walk from the hotel my family was staying at. Not that I cared, I set my sights on the boardwalk anyway. After the...
  19. Mrsupersonic8

    Watch the tram car, please - Morey's Piers, 6 Aug 2017

    Yeah, it's definitely there on the sideways hill after the roll over. It generates a decent amount of off-axis floater. I always thought that it was a pointless element, but now I know it actually does something! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J120A using Tapatalk
  20. Mrsupersonic8

    Watch the tram car, please - Morey's Piers, 6 Aug 2017

    Well, thanks! Embedding on mobile is a pain, so I just dropped the links in. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J120A using Tapatalk