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  1. CMonster

    The Big Question

    I actually was guessing on this point. :lol: No, obviously its because of the way anatomy works. I just remembered that verse and tried to connect the two... I mean, if we're assuming here that there's a God who's powerful, I'm sure He'd be able to find a way to make it not hurt. :wink:
  2. CMonster

    The Big Question

    I definitely see where you're coming from with the food analogy. I guess my reply to that goes back to the fact that you can't prove God's existence (unless he decides to visit, and even then people won't believe you). This is true for every religion and belief. Like said before, we don't know...
  3. CMonster

    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    ^ But don't many alpine coasters have uphill sections?
  4. CMonster

    How Far Have You Gone?

    Oh, believe me, I've asked her out... :lol:
  5. CMonster

    The Big Question

    Yeah, that seems to make sense. The only thing is, I don't believe that at all. See, I don't believe that you need to be "good enough" in order to get your ticket from God to enter Heaven instead of Hell. No one is "good enough" to get to Heaven by themselves, through their own good works. To...
  6. CMonster

    How much do you tip?

    I usually tip 15 to 20 percent, depending on the service. If its really bad, I'll go down to 10%. Oh, and this chart is pretty interesting. Shows how different cultures are.
  7. CMonster

    The Big Question

    Okay, yeah, I phrased that wrong. :P Yes, my parents introduced me to Christianity all throughout my childhood, and those influences helped me believe that I was a Christian ever since I was little. As I grew older, though, they encouraged me to ask questions about my faith, to do my own...
  8. CMonster

    How Far Have You Gone?

    What's the base where you haven't had a girlfriend, just a massive crush for three years? I choose that one.
  9. CMonster

    The Big Question

    I'm an evangelical Christian (one of the few here apparently). While I was born into the church, and have been going my whole life, I wouldn't say that my parents thrust this belief on me. I made my own decision, and have confirmed it in the last couple of years as I grew wiser and started...
  10. CMonster

    Kony 2012 (Spread the word)

    I clicked on it. What do I win? As for the video, I did share it on Facebook. I think this is a problem worth sharing, even if Invisible Children don't have the best solution to the problem. Obviously, my one share on Facebook isn't going to stop Kony, but there's no harm in clicking that...
  11. CMonster

    On-Ride Photos!

    Even after 16 years, I still get lost in that dang park! Oh, and I'm the one in the front left with the Bulls shirt.
  12. CMonster

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Falcon's Fury | Intamin Drop Tower

    Re: Busch Gardens Tampa - Drop Tower 2013 ^They're relocating SandStorm to near Gwazi and putting the tower in that lot. The parkrumors site has an overlay of the plans. The big circle in the middle-ish part is Sandstorm.
  13. CMonster

    Heide Park 2012

    Haha <3 That mouth is different from the one off to the side, right? Probably stating the obvious, but just wondering... Well, my opinion at least. :wink:
  14. CMonster

    Heide Park 2012

    I think its supposed to be like the Krake opened up a hole on the bottom and then another at the top where its mouth is, so its body is still under the ship and wrapping around it.
  15. CMonster

    Floppy arm

    Meanwhile, in Africa... :wink:
  16. CMonster

    Was 9/11 an inside job?

    ^ You're two pages late. :wink:
  17. CMonster

    Take the personality test!

    How did it know? :shock:
  18. CMonster

    Coasters that need a re-paint

    Have they repainted the Incredible Hulk? If not, it's looking AWFUL. There's rust on the track and stuff, it's really bad. (Unless they painted it haha)
  19. CMonster

    Girl dies after fall from drop tower in Brazil

    ^ ؟ is : then S then ). :P On topic, this is really awful. I can't imagine how horrifying it must have been for those watching... that height is no small drop! :(
  20. CMonster

    What is your irrational fear?

    Wasps. And bees to a lesser extent.