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  1. ukthemeparkfan

    Hypothetical: what other effects would the uk becoming us state have on the uk industry

    no i i know its just a fun experiment as there is not much positive to talk about
  2. ukthemeparkfan

    Hypothetical: what other effects would the uk becoming us state have on the uk industry

    so as a follow up to my thread yesterday I had anther idea what other effect on uk the industry would the uk becoming a us state what i mean is things like would US compaines buy a uk park or open their own park and with US planning laws what coasters uk parks build. I could see cedar fair...
  3. ukthemeparkfan

    Hypothetical:if the uk was part of the us what uk coasters would be ranked amongst

    if uk for some reason became a us state what uk costers would coinsdred amongst the best in the best in the us my five faily obvious they are Nemesis,Stealth,Wicker Man,The Swarm,Icon
  4. ukthemeparkfan

    what do you want your first cred back to be

    so the parks are open again whats the frist coaster you run to my three either wicker man,icon or baron 1898
  5. ukthemeparkfan

    First park you’ll be going to

    if boarders are opened efteling yay?
  6. ukthemeparkfan

    Lego, Blackstone set to purchase Merlin Entertainment

    then why did they not just buy back the legoland parks
  7. ukthemeparkfan

    Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022

    to be fair towers is closer to stoke than flamingo land is to leeds
  8. ukthemeparkfan

    WTF Merlin?

    this has probably been mention somewhere on this thread but this has been buliding up for sometime but merlin cannot seem to get a queue time right its either an over estimate or an under estimate and its really quite annoying because most I never seem to know how long I'm going to wait for...
  9. ukthemeparkfan

    Rides considered good that you don’t like

    I don't if the this counts the big one at blackpool it is at least held in high regard by the gp but I think its as rough as hell and one of the worst coaster I have ever ridden if not the worst
  10. ukthemeparkfan

    Park with worst GP?

    Thorpe some of the behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable but mind you the worst thing i've seen at theme park was literal fight over the fastpast queue on Atlantis at legoland
  11. ukthemeparkfan

    Overrated parks

    somewhere like chessinton since merlin took over the place has lost the magic it used to have
  12. ukthemeparkfan

    Technically Good Coasters You Don't Feel

    mines jores en de Darrk at efteling not a bad coaster but was expecting more from a park that has both baron and the flying dutchman
  13. ukthemeparkfan

    Non-goon friends & family's favourite coasters

    My brothers favroute is Colossus
  14. ukthemeparkfan

    Top Coaster Moments

    For me it has to be the first drop on swarm or the stall turn into vertical loop on Nemesis both made have catch my breath. also a wildcard pick the backwards section on th13een fantastic
  15. ukthemeparkfan

    Telford Gets a Cred!

    I need to get to telford now to ride this beast
  16. ukthemeparkfan

    If you could change history in a certain park, what park would you choose and what would you change?

    I would change the poorly handed re-brad from Thorpe in 2014 and make the transition into a family park more gradual instead of just throwing in angry birds and hoping for the best
  17. ukthemeparkfan

    Rides with misleading names...

    Colossus at Thorpe Park is not even over 1000 feet high
  18. ukthemeparkfan

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    Have to say can't wait for this . can't believe this next it will almost be built