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  1. CSLKennyNI

    Fire at Europa Park

    So the park has filed planning documents with Rust giving us a look at the future. Alpenexpress is being rebuilt as before. Tiroler Wildwasserbahn pretty much also; minus a slight layout change. It is confirmed that Zauberwelt der Diamanten is history; the indoor hall and walkthrough is not...
  2. CSLKennyNI

    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    The first part of the turntable has arrived on site today Source And Europa Park have shared some new images of the coaster and theming
  3. CSLKennyNI

    2023 Golden Ticket Award winners announced

    Mack Rides didn't sponsor the event this year and Europa Park's winning streak ends... totally unrelated events I'm sure :rolleyes:
  4. CSLKennyNI

    "Blue Sky" expansions coming to Walt Disney World

    How insane two years in a row they’ve made a big deal of announcing they are ‘thinking about’ a few different concepts but clearly nothing is properly approved, in development or near construction.
  5. CSLKennyNI

    Theme Parks with the best catering

    Phantasialand hands down
  6. CSLKennyNI

    Phantasialand | Deep In Africa Additions | 2023

    Barely a month after completing the Berlin and Africa projects; work walls and a crane have again gone up in Phantasialand. This time at Wuze Town's open air round tower. The tower used to be home to the Luftpost flat ride which was last year relocated to a new location by the Wuze Wall. The...
  7. CSLKennyNI

    Alton Towers' Next Big Thing?

    finding people talking as if this is going to Alton kind of insane given there is literally zero evidence connecting them
  8. CSLKennyNI

    Diving show platform collapses at Europa Park

    7 injuries: 5 of the divers and 2 riders
  9. CSLKennyNI

    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    Typically EP only stop a sponsorship when the sponsor commits war crimes
  10. CSLKennyNI

    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    Thank god they didn't go for Tesla given Elon Musk is a *insert words which would get me banned here* Blue Fire's was a subtitle and Silver Star is subtler given the ride isn't outright called Mercedes. There is nothing subtle about whacking a car name into the main name and the company in the...
  11. CSLKennyNI

    Are family-owned parks always superior to corporate parks?

    Jokes you mean? Of course they did. Also only was 3 and half years, including delays with ground work issues and covid. For projects with crazy delays one only needs to look at the farce which is Disney World's Epcot overhaul or Tron. With their corporate planning and billions how come a...
  12. CSLKennyNI

    Most immersive rollercoaster experience outside of Disney and Universal?

    F.L.Y. - just such a full package in very way
  13. CSLKennyNI

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | DC Universe | Flat Rides | 2024

    I'm Irish and I found it funny.
  14. CSLKennyNI

    Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024

    Yeah they are way too much and too cartoony. Still gives serious school theatre painted backdrops vibes. It is an interesting and unique idea but the execution is awful imo. Hoping in person it looks better perhaps.
  15. CSLKennyNI

    Phantasialand | Deep In Africa Additions | 2023

    Overview of the new Africa with names for all the streets and buildings, and the various 'safari/Black Mamba viewing points'. The route to Berlin from Africa is now through an embassy building. Over in Berlin they've also added some new theming - a backstory for the kids Ferris wheel and a...
  16. CSLKennyNI

    Holiday Park | Tomorrowland Area + Ride | 2025

    The dark ride retheme project has been pushed back to 2025 now; presumably this means again the Tomorrowland coaster will be delayed to 2026... Source
  17. CSLKennyNI

    Genting SkyWorlds | Malaysia | Theme Park

    With Dynamic going bankrupt they've auctioned off parts; which included wheels for the Genting SFX according to a Dynamic employee
  18. CSLKennyNI

    Phantasialand | Deep In Africa Additions | 2023

    The new Berlin central toilets facility has opened today providing 46 toilet cubicles and 20 urinals, and the detailed 1920s theming holds a few surprise Easter eggs. Easter eggs to International Travel Exhibitions taking...
  19. CSLKennyNI

    Phantasialand | Deep In Africa Additions | 2023

    Word is they've run into some delays however still aiming for the path to open before the local summer holidays begin (27th July). Having seen some glimpses of the theming in progress inside of the new central toilets block in Berlin - surprisingly for PHL there is a somewhat meta reference to...