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  1. gopats1479

    Six Flags America - heavy evidence of incoming Zamperla Giga Discovery

    That would be a good fit there. I visited the park a couple weeks ago and that spot was so bare and in need of something, so I'm glad they're actually going to get a high quality flat.
  2. gopats1479

    Your B&M Count

    13. Firebird (SFA) -- June 7, 2019 Hopefully this is the worst of them. I think that this is the only B&M that would be better off in a scrap pile, even if it is historic for being their first. There's some awful headbanging right after the corkscrew that was worse for me than the SLC in the...
  3. gopats1479

    Your B&M Count

    My B&M count is more impressive than my actual count, which I'll credit to my Florida spring break trip. These take up almost 30% of my total. Batman: The Ride (SFStL) -- October 8, 2011 Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Farm) -- December 30, 2013 X-Flight (SFGAm) -- August 18, 2018 Raging Bull...
  4. gopats1479

    Best and Worst restraint?

    Best I've used are the Intamin lapbars. Worst...yeah, it's gotta be Vekoma. There's really no contest.
  5. gopats1479

    Roughest/Worst coaster you've ridden?

    Ninja at SFStL is horrible. I still find some decency in its layout, but the thing just isn't good at all. It's rougher than the Boomerang just a short walk away, and that's saying something.
  6. gopats1479

    The Best non-Cedar Fair or Six Flags park

    Disneyland has been my favorite park since I was two years old. Still is today. Even though its coasters aren't necessarily up to par, the rest of the experience is unparalleled.
  7. gopats1479

    B&M Inverts, Best to Worst

    I've only ridden two: Silver Bullet and Batman. I liked both of them, but Silver Bullet was definitely better because it was bigger, faster, more forceful, etc. I rode it in the front row with a lot of room in my restraints. Fantastic ride.
  8. gopats1479

    Theme Park Studio - to be released 27th Feb

    No experience with NL, but RCT3 was my game for a long time. Supports (especially for wooden coasters, my personal favorites) were impossible for me to do because the work was so tedious and time-consuming. This looks much simpler. The non-grid based coaster designer is probably the highlight...
  9. gopats1479

    Guilty Pleasure Coasters

    Agreed. I haven't found them too rough on the examples I've ridden and they have a lot of cool engineering behind them. Besides that, launch coasters. Intamins are a little strong to be guilty pleasures, but Mr. Freeze is just right. Not too swift, not too sluggish. Don't get me wrong, the one...
  10. gopats1479

    When did you ride your first "big" roller coaster?

    Hoosier Hurricane at Indiana Beach. Fourth cred ever. Absolutely loved it and its closeness to the water the entire time.
  11. gopats1479

    Best Coaster Turns/Turnarounds

    Either Xcelerator's top hat or any inverted cobra roll. Oh, and any one of the rising/diving turns on The Boss. Of course.
  12. gopats1479

    Does anyone else think airtime is overrated?

    +1. This is exactly how I feel about all of the coasters I like. The Boss and GhostRider both are insanely out of control but still have some nice airtime. That out of control feeling is my favorite thing about coasters. Probably the reason why I love woodies so much. I will also say that I...
  13. gopats1479

    Did you ever feel the "Magic"?

    MK at Orlando was amazing, went from when I was two to seven years old every year. Then I went to California, and everything changed. Infinitely better park. I absolutely love the smallness of the park, as it is more imposing than WDW because it is more compact. I was really disappointed when...
  14. gopats1479

    2013 Internet Wooden Roller Coaster Poll (Mitch Hawker's)

    Re: 2013 Internet Wooden Roller Coaster Poll (Mitch Hawker's RANK THE FOLLOWING RIDING SENSATIONS <-LEAVE Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,1 Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,2 Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,3 Floating...
  15. gopats1479

    Have You Ever Gotten Stuck on a Ride/Coaster?

    I was riding Batman at SFStL with some friends and we were stuck for about ten minutes halfway up the lift. Really fun experience and nice weather. We got to finish the ride, which was a plus.
  16. gopats1479

    Coasters that you'd love to experience backward

    Mr. Freeze was drastically improved when it was reversed. Beyond that, from the coasters that I've ridden, Xcelerator. Anything else would ruin the ride.
  17. gopats1479

    Front Seat Rides vs. Back Seat Rides

    I usually find wooden coasters amazing in the back (especially CCIs). Steel can go either way. Inverts are completely necessary to ride in the front at least once because of the open cars, but every other steel coaster I've ridden was just as good in the back as the front.
  18. gopats1479

    Kings Island | Banshee | B&M Invert

    Re: Kings Island | "Unknown" | "Unknown" Best invert ever? That waits to be seen. The layout is sure impressive, but the restraints could ruin it. Only time will tell. Certainly looks to be a good, if not great, ride that will complete Kings Island.
  19. gopats1479

    The Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay

    This will be interesting. I'd love another park to possibly visit in the future, but based on the timetable, I wouldn't visit until at least 2016. A Twisted Twins (RMC?) rehab looks worth the wait.
  20. gopats1479

    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    I thought I should give an update. I am almost complete with my supports. My theme is set--just needs to be built. I am going to keep it minimal because I know if I try to pack everything chock-full of scenery it'll look worse than having less scenery.