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    Why did Hard Rock Park fail?

    why didn't anyone go?
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    Why did Hard Rock Park fail?

    I was just remembering the infamous Hard Rock Park fiasco and was just curious about the exact reasons that it ended up being a failure. So I thought I would just ask here. Many thanks in advance.
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    Lake Compounce | Phobia Phear Coaster | Premier Sky Rocket 2

    Re: Lake Compounce 2016 so are they live streaming the announcement?
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    Lake Compounce | Phobia Phear Coaster | Premier Sky Rocket 2

    Re: Lake Compounce 2016 It will be a very tall and fast indoor coaster with spiders, snakes, and clowns
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    Parks that desperately need a new coaster

    Every theme park lover gets very excited every time a park announces a major coaster. But can you think of any parks that need one more than others?
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    Favorite preshow

    Some rides if necessary have something extra before the ride that if done right can almost become part of the ride itself. I was wondering which ride you all think has the best one and why?
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    Most physically straining coasters

    So out of curiosity what coasters physically test your limits the most?
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    What should Cedar Point do with mean streak

    Hey yo anyone seen this? Just a fan video but it had alot of people thinking
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    What should Cedar Point do with mean streak

    With Cedar Point trying to improve its coaster collection there is one ride that seems to stick out like a sore thumb, and that ride is Mean streak. So my question is what should they do with it?
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    Best night coasters

    What do you think is the best coaster to ride at night?
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    Coasters due for the wrecking ball

    What are some coasters you think should be demolished and possibly replaced?
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    Does KK have the single worst airtime hill ever?

    Now in my years as a theme park enthusiast I have come across the fact that TTD has no airtime hill yet is widely considered much better among many enthusiasts than KK. For years this has baffled my mind since airtime is so widely important to almost all coaster experts in separating the good...
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    The Raven vs The Legend

    Ive been curious as to which pre-voyage holiday world wooden coaster is better and why . What do you guys think?
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    Six Flags to make all 2015 announcements August 28

    Also what does everyone think of the possibility of whatever Fiesta Texas is getting being Batman themed? There have been clues that seem to suggest so plus the fact that they don't have a major Batman ride yet.
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    Six Flags to make all 2015 announcements August 28

    Hey what does everyone think Great America is getting? I'm not sure but I think they are really flying under the radar. Even with their choose your path video series.
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    Why did hard rock park fail?

    Why? It had lots of potential so what went wrong?
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    Biggest Amusement Industry Turkeys

    ... and I'm not just talking theme parks I'm talking water parks resort hotels etc.
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    Why isn't that movie/tv show a ride?

    I've always thought Phineas and Ferb deserved a dark/simulator ride at Disney myself.
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    Which coaster should get the "Iron Horse" treatment next

    After their highly acclaimed New Texas Giant and their brand new Iron Rattler. Which old woodie do you think RMC should apply their patented treatment to?
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    Does I305 still cause blackouts

    It has been 1-2 years after the last modifications were made on the ride. So I am wondering do you guys know if the ride still causes blackouts?