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    Rank Your Worst-Run Parks

    1. Warner Bros. Movie World - awful 1 train operations and slow dispatches which meant that every queue was about an hour despite it being basically empty the day I was there. Basically made the queue skip (which was extortionate) essential if you wanted to do repeat rides on Superman/DC Rivals...
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    Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022

    Surely a more accurate name would be 'Inversions'. This goes into the Rita / Smiler category of bad names.
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    Do you have any theme park guilty pleasures?

    The Smiler. Genuinely I don't see why it gets so much hate. It's not rough like people say and I also like the fact that it's the only coaster at Alton Towers that has a decent duration. I'd probably say it's a solid 8/10 ride and it's definitely better than Galactica, Rita, Thirteen and as...
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    Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021

    It looks like a fantastic expansion, slightly irritating though as I went there when I was in Sydney last November! The park really needs it as despite being in a world class location, bar the wooden Wild Mouse and the insanely intense Rotor, the park didn't really have much (I know they have...
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    Rank Your Visited Six Flags Parks

    1. Six Flags Magic Mountain - Best coaster selection by a mile, a nice park to walk around as well. 2. Six Flags Great America - Great coaster selection, nice to talk around, only criticism is the terrible operations but basically all Six Flags parks seem to suffer from that. 3. Six Flags...
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    Most Unexpected Ride Announcements

    I never followed the rumours before hand but I recall Thunderbird at Holiday World being a surprise. A family park known for it's collection of woodies investing in a B&M prototype seemed like a surprising move at the time.
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    What was your first coaster to feature an inversion?

    Like quite a substantial number of Brits born in the 80s or 90s, it was Corkscrew at Alton!
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    How many capital cities have you been to?

    Woo, can now add the following: Czech Republic - Prague Slovakia - Bratislava Greece - Athens I've also been to San Jose Airport in Costa Rica but I don't think I can really count that as it's quite a way out of the actual city!
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    Which UK Park is most likely to get an RMC?

    It's got to be Thorpe surely and I guess it ultimately depends on the success of SW8 and how that ride is perceived by the general public. If it's a hit, you'd have to think Merlin might want to introduce a more exciting variant of a wooden coaster at Thorpe to diversify their coaster line-up...
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    What is your favourite B&M?

    Fury 325, Shambhala and Nemesis in that order have to be the best ones I've been on!
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    Most "electric" station environment(s)?

    Top Thrill Dragster came to mind immediately. Everyone loves a bit of Republica (except the ride ops!). Oblivion back in the day before it became really tatty was another one with the cool drum and bass music combined with the queueline videos reminding you about your upcoming death.
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    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    Went on it tonight. Was a pretty fun, forceful coaster. I'd probs give it an 8/10. I wasn't expecting it to be as smooth as it was. Not sure I'd be in any rush to ride it again at £9 a pop though.
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    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    I know it's all relative to the rest of the park and other surrounding parks but if you could have given Alton or Thorpe rides of equivalent quality to Gatekeeper, Valravn and now this, I would snap your hand off! If this ride is even in the same league as Goliath or Wicked Cyclone (the two...
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    Is Alton Towers' Smiler really that bad?

    It's a good ride and I'd probably say the second best in the UK behind Nemesis (although I admit that doesn't say much). Apart from the one jolt in the batwing, I've never found it that rough and when it opened it was just what Alton needed, a decent multi-looping coaster with a substantial...
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    IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)

    Granted I'm no expert on Harry Potter but isn't Forbidden Journey basically a Best of Harry Potter ride (like most theme park rides based on a specific franchise) where they basically try and cram in all the most notable parts of a series into a single 5 minute attraction? Universal probably...
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    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    So... does anyone have any idea whether this is happening or not? Or am I just going to have to wait until they release the final ride list? I'll probably be visiting anyway at some point but it would be nice to know if it's actually going to be there! If not I'll just spend all my money on...
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    Ride you have been on that's been gone the longest

    Pretty sure it has to be Python at BGT which I must have went on when I was 9 years old way back in 2000.
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    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    1. Skyrush 2. Fury 325 3. Shambhala 4. Maverick 5. X2 6. Goliath (SFGAM) 7. Nemesis 8. The Voyage 9. Wicked Cyclone 10. The Beast Shambhala is a new addition after visiting Port Aventura. I honestly didn't think it would be that good but it almost edges out Fury for #2 (but not quite!)
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    Your B&M Count

    Can now add Shambhala and Dragon Khan to this list to make it 50.
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    How is your tolerance of roughness?

    I think mine's quite high. I've ridden some coasters which are apparently notoriously rough like Mean Streak, Gwazi, Wildcat and Anaconda and never thought any of them are that bad. The only things that come to mind as unpleasantly rough are Volares, Green Lantern at GADV and Hurler at KD. Oh...