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  1. Nadia

    Have you ever been Fraped?

    Hahahaha I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did that night, it was piss funny! I was having so much fun doing it and harassing people on your msn account was fab :D sorry Brad and everyone else I harassed that night :D
  2. Nadia

    Celebrity Deaths 2010 edition <final scoreboard pg29>

    Hahaha unfortunately not ey :-( bloody typical innit haha!! I read a story on the net that it could have been a sex game gone wrong, so that that will be interesting to see if it's true or not!
  3. Nadia

    Celebrity Deaths 2010 edition <final scoreboard pg29>

    Hahahaha oh dear, I can't remember that, but I do seem to spot long fingers :D I was so shocked when I saw it on the news last night, what a sexy piece of male gone :-( poor poor dood!
  4. Nadia

    "Now Showing"

    A single man Is actually amazing :--D it was definitely a film that touched me deep down (haha that sounds wrong) but I'm still amazed now at how good, meaningful and well styled it was (a fashion designer did direct it so I guess that explains the lovely styling and shots) Me and my mate...
  5. Nadia

    There Their They're

    :love10: :love10: :love10: :love10: the little birdy!!!! Looks like my little Cher eee, RIP! I don't have much to add as they're ;-) all very easy!
  6. Nadia

    Fit female celebs

    Eva <3 Audrey <3
  7. Nadia

    Fit male celebs

    I know I said I've had it with men, but I'd make exceptions for this lot ;-) Paolo <3 Max <3 Ashton Luke <3 Todd <3
  8. Nadia

    Munich Oktoberfest 2009 PTR

    Your photos make me very JEALOUS!! I so want to go to this, been wanting to go for years and still haven't :-( The rides look so good and lots and lots of beer
  9. Nadia


    Hahaha ohhh myyy Tay!! I was pretty disturbed by the first one, you looked wayyyy too into that Tay or on something haha!! Your sister did NOT look impressed at times!!! The 2nd one was hilarious, I almost peed myself! That choon on the keyboard was awesome, all those beeps and crazy moves!!
  10. Nadia

    A day in Dubai (And Wild Wadi Water Park)

    They do have public transport actually. I've been round various parts of the city in buses and the new metro has just opened!! The water park looks amazing!!!! I wish I'd made a visit to it while I was over there!
  11. Nadia

    I Love W00t 26/27th Sept

    I'm sooooooooooooooo jealous!!!!! I love quirky little trips like this one and the photos show how awesome it must have been! Really really REALLY wish I could have gone :-( :-(
  12. Nadia

    Did you have a recorder at school?

    Hell yes!!! They were the best!! I played the keyboard at primary school, mainly just playing pease pudding hot over and over again! Happy days :lol: There's just no way I would play the recorder, what an awful sound!
  13. Nadia

    Bake & Jen's USA West Coast PTR

    That tree is soooooooo a Curly Wurly Jake!! I'm ok for a prize though thanks ;-) haha!! Loving the trip report so far, I love the look of the parks on the beach, they look pretty awesome and the party you guys had on the beach, very jealous!!!!!!
  14. Nadia

    Random news! - Maradona bitten in face by dog

    Haha you're bloody right Phil!!! It's soooooo cute though, be nice to the doggy story! Dog goes on trains to the airport, how awesome :P :thumbup:
  15. Nadia

    Random news! - Maradona bitten in face by dog ... 66566.html AWWWWWWWW so cute! :love4:
  16. Nadia

    The Chipboard Cities Tour

    OMG I'm actually really shocked to see Brookside Close looking like that :-( The last time I read about it last year, it was still the same Brookie Close. They've built those new houses in a mega short space of time!! Can't wait for the next part!
  17. Nadia

    The Chipboard Cities Tour

    Loving it Ian!! Can't wait to read the other reports :D Edinburgh is gorgeousss!! I've only been once but I actually felt as though I'd been away away! It's just so different to anywhere else! I'd love to go back sometime! Haha and my coach stopped off at that posh service station on the...
  18. Nadia

    Random news! - Maradona bitten in face by dog

    Well no one else off here has given a **** about this story until now!! Dicks!
  19. Nadia

    Random news! - Maradona bitten in face by dog

    Plane disappears! Don't think there will be a happy ending to that story!
  20. Nadia

    Britains Got Talent

    I wanted them to win :-( I well thought they'd be in the top 3 but booooo :-( But I'm soooooo glad that Susan didn't win!! Hooooooray!