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  1. will6789

    Duel at Alton Towers closing on 6th September - retheme or refurbishment for 2023?

    Interestingly, this article in trade magazine 'EAP' states that the new ride: They don't give a source for this claim nor elaborate further, but it suggests that the previous ride system might not be kept as-is. Of course, it could just be minor upgrades to ensure reliability (it is over 30...
  2. will6789

    The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers

    I think Swat is advocating for the removal of what is (I'm sure we'll all agree) our favourite Intamin Accelerator coaster 😛
  3. will6789

    Serious Incident at Oakwood Theme Park

    As far as I know, restraint sensors didn't really become common until the 90's/early 2000's so its not too surprising that an old Tivoli can run with the bars open. In theory, it shouldn't be a problem - assuming restraint checks are carried out properly...
  4. will6789

    GhosterForce 2022

    Myself and @Devohn will be at Chessington, looking forward to seeing everyone!
  5. will6789

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    It appears Project Exodus is now on the Planning Committee agenda for the 5th of October and the recommendation is for the committee to grant permission! Here's a link to the agenda item PDF: