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  1. Emmmerrrr

    "Get Yer Mumbos Out" (FL/LWV) trip reports

    Woo good times! Ultimate ERT was unreal, I don't think I've ever been so genuinely scared in ages! By half 10 I had been well and truely violated, in the best way possible though of course. Thanks to LWV for that! My bruises are appearing slowly, after doing the Ultimate 9 times in total...
  2. Emmmerrrr

    Music Recommendations

    Yessss, Vagabond! Saw these at Middlesbrough Music Live in June, they were a last minute replacement for another act that pulled out and wow, I'm glad they were there. They're class live, their album, 'You Don't Know The Half Of It' is awesome and I love this cover a bit too much...
  3. Emmmerrrr

    Do You Like Yourself?

    This. I have a big nose, and I'm not one of these people who's like omgggg my nose is massive when it just isn't. My nose is genuinely rather large. It used to really get me down but like, I realised there's no point in letting it get to me. Okay, so I do care what people think, I always dress...
  4. Emmmerrrr

    Have you ever embarrassed yourself on a ride?

    Ew at the last page. I was sick on the Wave Swinger at Flamingo Land a few years ago, it was stopping and I think I almost made a complete circle of vomit. The ride op was NOT impressed. I also hate putting bags down on the other side of the station when no one else is as I feel like I'm...
  5. Emmmerrrr

    Flat Ride Getting Married

    I saw this on some Channel 5 documentary ages ago, it was like a side story to the woman who cheated on the Berlin Wall with a fence. She was like, lying under the ride whispering to it and kissing it. It really wasn't right. :(
  6. Emmmerrrr

    Flamingo Land (AGAIN) With Video!!

    Ha, I was there on Friday. Spot on there like, people were leaving and I felt dead bad but it just kept going! I think they should just stick to the Bongo Warriors. Lol and that ostrich, we were on Kumali front row and I thought it was weird how there was an ostrich chasing a zebra across...
  7. Emmmerrrr

    Britains Got Talent

    Am I imagining things, or were the Bongo Warriors in the previews for next weeks show?
  8. Emmmerrrr

    Britains Got Talent

    I didn't even know it was starting so I only caught it from half way through. That dancer woman at the end, I thought she might have actually done more dancing than flashing but bless her, she wanted it so badly. That singing family, you've gotta love 'em!
  9. Emmmerrrr

    Whats Your Favorite Networking Website?

    Correct! My heart still lies with Myspace. I have a Facebook but I don't even get it and it just seems boring. Everyone who I know also seems to be getting Facebook, but no one ever uses it so Myspace it is!
  10. Emmmerrrr

    Skins Season 3

    Cook is beyond annoying. Effy is also very ugh. The non gay twin does my head in. I think everyone else is okay though. Cook's episode was my least favourite so far and I kind of think they're trying too hard with the humour. I can't help but watch it though!
  11. Emmmerrrr

    "Now Showing"

    The Strangers Creepy film but it gets more and more predictable as it goes on. It's not your average horror film though so I like it for that. There's quite a few good jumpy moments too and it scared my quite a lot haha. The ending kind of lost me a bit which annoyed me because I understood...
  12. Emmmerrrr

    Rate the Person Above

    Musicals <3 Cats! <333 10/10
  13. Emmmerrrr

    Bizzarre Coaster Occurrences

    Lmao Erol. Caught this man's hat on Spinball, I was well impressed with myself and I got a thanks afterwards which was nice. :) Was funny though 'cause all you could hear for the rest of the ride was "how the hell did she catch my hat?!" Skill.
  14. Emmmerrrr

    "Now Showing"

    Watched The Eye yesterday. Oh my god, 10 girls in a room + The Eye = lots and lots of screaming. I think once you got your head around the story, which isn't too difficult to understand, it's really quite a good film. It's interesting right from the beginning as well and never really slows down...
  15. Emmmerrrr

    "Now Showing"

    Went to see Awake today. It was a bit daft, and I thought there was going to be more gore than there actually was. Some parts also took me a while to get my head around and halfway through it seemed to lose the main point of the film. It was alright, quite short though, and the trailers for...
  16. Emmmerrrr

    Coasterforce Quiz!!!

    I thought everyone had different questions and that's why not many people like the quiz because they find it unfair.
  17. Emmmerrrr

    Coasterforce Quiz!!!

    Lol, half of my questions were about dinosaurs which is clearly my specialist subject. :roll: I'm last. 8)
  18. Emmmerrrr

    Top 25 Most Played

    Haven't done this for ages so:
  19. Emmmerrrr

    "Now Showing"

    Sleepover last night so watched a couple of films. Sleepovers seem to be the only time I watch full films.. Anyway, I'm agreeing with furie by saying that 1408 is terrible. It's an actual load of crap and it seemed to go on forever. It was just so boring and predictable. It was also confusing...
  20. Emmmerrrr

    Coasterforce Quiz!!!

    Ugh! Just ugh! I completely forgot to do yesterday's quiz, which'll knock my score down and I just got 4, oh dear. I hate March.