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  1. Smithy

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    WHO SAW THIS COMING!?!?? Genuinely surprised there hasn't been some money laundering investigations into this because some people have made a mint out of it.
  2. Smithy

    Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024

    Re-theme the monster as a Tarantula type spider - sounds good to me.
  3. Smithy

    Drayton Manor Resort Five Year Plan 2022 - 2026

    The cynic in me saw "Drayton Manor 5 year plan" and thought they could cover it with just a single sentence of "Don't go bust". Be really interesting to see what type of coaster they go with.
  4. Smithy

    Alton Towers' Next Big Thing?

    Bit sad that.
  5. Smithy

    Alton Towers' Next Big Thing?

  6. Smithy

    Parque de Atracciones de Madrid - 22/0-7/2022

    Similar view, it's so far outside the main city I thought you were mad for walking out to it! Especially when the metro is an absolute doddle. Shame to see the park hasn't really invested much since I last went several years ago.
  7. Smithy

    Man arrested after base jump from the top of Red Force

    Would I do it? Would I **** Do I love watching other people do it and seeing their footage? Absolutely I love seeing different angles and perspectives of things.
  8. Smithy

    Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    Oh no, another reason to go back to Madrid, what a shame..... This definitely opening next season do we reckon?
  9. Smithy

    Best and Worst Airports

    Can chuck in Venice and Malaga now - the former was still a work in progress but being able to just wander outside and grab a bus or a boat over was fun. Malaga airport was really good - cheap as chips to get into the city, bit more of a supermarket feel though and a bit crowded with many of...
  10. Smithy

    Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022

    I am probably one of the most staunchest defenders of Flamingo Land on here but even I can't defend that name. It's bad enough calling a rollercoaster anything related to vomiting/nausea. But an illiterate Sik as if it's a great thing is just. I have no words. None. What a dreadful, dreadful idea.
  11. Smithy

    Your train station count

    In terms of actual train stations, I've been to more in Germany, Netherlands and Spain than I have in England. I've literally only ever done 3 in the UK, between here and Euston. Train travel overseas is just so much easier and cheaper that I'll consider if everytime, whereas here unless I...
  12. Smithy

    Britain and foreign languages

    Ignorance. Arrogance. In the most part. Will be making sure when I have kids that they learn a second language because it's so much harder when you're older.
  13. Smithy

    Matt N’s Europa Park Initiation 26th-30th April 2022

    Genuinely nothing wrong with having those hypers at the top - ultimately your top 10 should be about what you think matters. For me, it's which ride would I choose to go on right now if I had the chance - and that wouldn't necessarily be the 'best' ride, but it would be the most enjoyable, if...
  14. Smithy

    Nick Varney to retire

    Why? IP's are, nearly always, a proven success. As are 'gimmicks'. Maybe not to enthusiasts, but to the GP, they lap it all up - which is why most other successful parks copy that approach. I think whoever replaces him has a huge opportunity in the next few years to really attack the UK market...
  15. Smithy

    Matt N’s Europa Park Initiation 26th-30th April 2022

    So jealous - I'd forgotten just how good (and huge) Europa Park was.
  16. Smithy

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Still more money to be made from 'new plans'. Or, the money laundering has already been done.
  17. Smithy

    ENSO; “Icon with a twist” opening at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2022

    Ahahahahaha they want to charge you an extra £15 for THAT?! The idea of having that as an upcharge at all is bafflingly bad - and will piss off punters stood queueing seeing two empty seats going round and round until somebody is stupid enough to pay for it. They'll be gone by the end of the...
  18. Smithy

    Are you a "hands in the air" person or a "holding on tight" person when riding?

    Depends on the ride entirely. Airtime machine? Hands up all the way. Multi-looper? Holding on to try and stop my head clattering side to side. Anything else? Usually just leave my arms hanging loose. Exceptions - wild mice, I'm hanging on like a mother ****er. And GIB's - you're lucky if I...
  19. Smithy

    Strongest roller coaster for airtime at Alton Towers?

    Smiler for me - that second hill in particular where it flies through.
  20. Smithy

    How would you rank these three European woodies?

    Can't comment on Troy. I loved Joris - was fully surprised by it. Absolute machine of a ride. My memory of Wodan is a bit rusty, however, I think it has one or two elements that just have it standing above Joris for me.