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  1. LiveForTheLaunch

    So I did the Hot Ones Challenge...

    Haha I love this. I've tried both Da Bomb and the Last Dab, and even for me (I consider myself a hot sauce fanatic and can eat habaneros like someone would eat an apple), they didn't feel great in my mouth. You guys should go to Pepper Palace if you haven't already been and eat the ones you have...
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    Your most disproportionately long wait for a ride?

    - 45 minutes for Corkscrew at La Ronde in the blistering heat, feeling my skin sizzle for a mediocre cred - An hour for the Bat at Wonderland - An hour for the stupid spinning coaster at Flamingoland - 45 minutes for the Arrow mouse at Michigan's Adventure I don't even like to wait more than...
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    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Haha I don't put Flying Dinosaur and Tatsu in the same category. I actually felt Tatsu was nice, tame, and flowy with the exception of the pretzel loop, which is my least favourite part of the coaster. Flying Dinosaur is just intense the entire way through and I hated it for that. I loved Air...
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    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    Tatsu is fricken awesome. I was dreading going on it because I hate flying coasters generally (the only one I somewhat enjoyed prior to Tatsu was Air/Galactica), but I was surprised in the best way possible. I'll probably never have a flying coaster in my top twenty, and I hate the pretzel loop...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland PTR / General Update

    Haha! What an upbeat way to end your day at Disney.
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    Hong Kong Disneyland PTR / General Update

    Love the new castle and how detailed it is! 😍 Also wow, finally some Coco representation somewhere in a Disney park. I hate that it's pretty much nowhere to be found and it's my favourite Pixar.
  7. LiveForTheLaunch

    Genie+ and Disney with a Kid

    @Nicky Borrill okay I will check out those YouTube channels! I won't be Park Hopping, just one park per day because it's already going to be a lot of walking and stuff for my son so that won't be a concern. Yeah that's so tough because I want to maximize the time in the parks but also not be...
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    Genie+ and Disney with a Kid

    Ah okay, maybe I'll bring a second device but I'm not gonna stress about it too much. As long as we can minimize our waits without overplanning the entire day then we should have a good time. Maybe we will just go to Slinky first thing during early entry because I know he is very excited to ride...
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    Genie+ and Disney with a Kid

    Awesome information, good to know about linking the accounts now though. I'm hoping Big Thunder and Snow White won't be too busy when I get there, and I'm hopeful since Tron will be open by then. It's beginning to sound a little less confusing now so thank you guys!
  10. LiveForTheLaunch

    Genie+ and Disney with a Kid

    Awesome information guys, thanks! @Nitefly you mentioned both you and your wife had to get up to do this on your phones- will I be able to do it for me and my son through one phone or will we run into problems with that? Or did you just have to use two phones because you wanted to book two...
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    Genie+ and Disney with a Kid

    Hi guys! Having not been to a Disney park since 2016, I've yet to experience the new Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane. I find a lot of the information online to be sort of confusing, so I figured this was the place to ask about it. I am going to Disney with my three year old in April (yes, I...
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    Marineland of Canada (may) be closing/sold

    Wonderland is incredibly crowded pretty much always, and though it would be great to have a less busy park in Ontario, it would only be an hour and a half from Wonderland and unless they were ready to invest in it heaps, what could they realistically build there within a fairly quick time frame...
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    Marineland of Canada (may) be closing/sold

    If I don't end up getting Dragon Mountain after having been to Niagara Falls a dozen times in my life, that would be very spiteful but totally my own fault. It has potential and a lot of land I believe, so I hope they can make it into something nicer. Canada could use more parks, but it's close...
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    20 years of CF-Lives - Your favorite memories!

    I'll probably have time in the coming days but a few things that come to mind from some of the older lives: - Everyone being in on Hixee being deaf, and my stupid ass falling for it for the better part of 24 hours. It's a story I still tell to this day when I tell people I'm gullible. - Also...
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    "Now Showing"

    I watched Whiplash the other day and holy crap, how had I not heard of this film? Nothing really groundbreaking happened in it, but I could not stop myself from being tense throughout the entire thing. I love people who are passionate about what they do and I loved seeing how the main character...
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    Highest Math Class you have taken

    Never touched math after grade 12. It was nothing I ever needed for nursing, and it was nothing I needed for my career. So yeah, I guess grade 12 advanced functions, data management, and physics would be it for me.
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    What makes your #1 better than your #2?

    #1- Eejanaika #2- Steel Vengeance Steel Vengeance is such a perfect coaster in terms of having almost every element that I hold in high regard, but nothing on that coaster is unique in that I hadn't experienced any of the sensations many times before. What it does so well is that it combines...
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    CF Lives 2023... and beyond

    Even though I don't post as much anymore, this is definitely sad to read because CF Lives use to be the highlight of my summers in my teens and early twenties, and were certainly an integral part in becoming passionate in the things I became passionate for, so thanks to everyone who has...
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    What has been your most successful year as an enthusiast?

    For me it probably would have been 2010 because of the two lengthy American lives and the fact that I hadn't been to a lot of the parks that we went to, and then 2016 because I did a month and a half of traveling for both creds and culture. The last few years have really sucked, and I've been...
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    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    I'm still so bitter about Helix. Everyone had me so hyped about it and I don't even think it would land anywhere in my top 30. I also hated the queue area.