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  1. Gazza

    Best and Worst Coaster Names?

    So something I found out a couple of days ago. Takabisha at Fuji Q is 高飛車 which translates to domineering. But the name is a pun. 高 = high 飛 = flying 車 = car
  2. Gazza

    All filler - no killer. Well rounded parks with poor headline attractions.

    IDK, I visted BGT for the first time before they even had Cheetah Hunt and thought it was an awesome park. 3 B&Ms, one of them being the legendary Kumba. Nice Schwarzkopf and some other rides. I've always felt BGT was an elite tier park over the years. After all, the topic title is "Well...
  3. Gazza

    Legoland Deutschland | Maximus: Flight of the Guardian| B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    Because rolls dont pull many positive Gs. If it had loops or large drops or tight turns it might pull 3 or 4g, but clearly this wont.
  4. Gazza

    Steepest Airtime Hill

    Something like this? is it a top hat or an airtime hill?
  5. Gazza

    Steepest Airtime Hill

    New enthusiast debate; when does an airtime hill become a top hat? This one on Kondaa is pretty steep though
  6. Gazza

    Genting SkyWorlds | Malaysia | Theme Park

    I mean I was under the impression the ride was done and it was a case of getting the mechanical systems to work properly. But now it seems like The whole attraction must be on a monthly payment plan or something.
  7. Gazza

    Genting SkyWorlds | Malaysia | Theme Park

    How come they didn't finish the track? The ride was due to open before covid!
  8. Gazza

    Tivoli Friheden - new coaster to replace Cobra

    The article literally says: Regardless of which roller coaster the choice falls on, it won't be ready for the 2023 season and only maybe until the following year.
  9. Gazza

    Tivoli Friheden - new coaster to replace Cobra

    That said, you have to wonder why a park would get a layout like that. Launch aside, to me it looks like the Intamin version of this:
  10. Gazza

    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    I was disappointed they didn't have the EDM playing in the morning, they only turned it on later in the afternoon. The queue was interesting, its like they briefed the architect into making cattle pens an architectural statement. If there was actual theming in between all the walkways (like in...
  11. Gazza

    Tivoli Friheden - new coaster to replace Cobra

    Intamin have even more Hot Racer designs on their website.
  12. Gazza

    Could like-for-like retracks of coasters ever eclipse coaster removals?

    Do they really think like that though? They get paid. Extending that line of thinking, would Vekoma say "No don't order Roller Skaters from us because we'd prefer to build and market tilt coasters"?
  13. Gazza

    Most Overrated Coasters You've Been On?

    It's not a coaster, but can I nominate every ghost train, particularly the ones everyone speaks about like Bla Taget at Grona Lund or the one at Knoebels. Every ghost train feels the same, are non memorable, I've literally never ridden one and wanted to get back in line to appreciate it more.
  14. Gazza

    Gumbuya World | Unknown | Maurer Skyloop (Relocated Dreamworld BuzzSaw) | 2022

    Do you have the cred for the SBF mining race coaster there too?
  15. Gazza

    Gumbuya World | Unknown | Maurer Skyloop (Relocated Dreamworld BuzzSaw) | 2022

    Some footage on the ride a few days before the planned opening.
  16. Gazza

    What's your thoughts on Valravn?

    I think it gets way more hate than it deserves, I gladly rode multiple times. But still, it's not as good as Baron 1898.
  17. Gazza

    CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    No, they are rough and uncomfortable.
  18. Gazza

    PortAventura | Uncharted | Intamin Multi-Dimension Coaster | 2023

    Or Van Helsings garage? Or temple of the night hawk? Or Vogel Rok? Or X no way out?Or whatever the one at Bobbejaanland is? Or....
  19. Gazza

    Your year in review - 2022 edition

    - Coaster count at start of 2022: 614 - Coaster count at end of 2022: 691 (But should make 692) - New coasters ridden in 2022: 77 (will be 78) - New parks visited in 2022: 13 - Park visits (number of days) in 2022: Probably 20 or so? - Best new-to-you coaster: Taiga - Best new-to-you...