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  1. JackFish124

    What instruments do you play?

    Ooooohhhhhhh boy, this is the band kid thread I´ve been waiting for. I play French horn, Mellophone, basically just a marching french horn, trumpet, trombone, marching baritone, guitar, piano, clarinet, saxophone, and snare drum. I´m such a band kid lol
  2. JackFish124

    Bluecoats Or Santa Clara Vanguard DCI

    DCI, drum corp international, SMH, shaking my head, SCV Santa Clara Vanguard, a band in DCI, Blue Coats, also a band in DCI
  3. JackFish124

    Bluecoats Or Santa Clara Vanguard DCI

    Just realized I put this in the wrong spot SMH
  4. JackFish124

    Bluecoats Or Santa Clara Vanguard DCI

    I wanted to see what cf thought. I think SCV is better but lets see.
  5. JackFish124

    What other hobbies do you have?

    DCI and all things band. I love DCI and I had the great opportunity to march in SCV´s 2018 show as a mellophone. I've fallen in love with the hobby and wish I could go back and do it all over again.
  6. JackFish124

    Highest Math Class you have taken

    I took Calc 4 and got a C- but I still passed
  7. JackFish124

    Favorite DCI shows?

    Hyde suggested this in the high school shows thread. What’s your favorite DCI show? Mines Babaylon or however you spell it. SCV 2018, Down Side Up is also a great show
  8. JackFish124

    What is your favorite high school marching band show that you have seen?

    I thought this could be a fun idea because I've always liked marching band shows, so I wanted to see what ones you liked. Ill start: 1:Oakville High School St. Louis MO, Whats Inside. This is a great show it is amazing that high school students can do this 2:Oakville High School St. Louis MO...
  9. JackFish124

    I would love to see a video of the show! I'm also in marching band and love watching other...

    I would love to see a video of the show! I'm also in marching band and love watching other people's shows.
  10. JackFish124

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    Diamondback is easily the best
  11. JackFish124

    Favourite ride types to build in Planet Coaster?

    My favorite has to be Rival (B&M Invert) or Invincible (Intamin Mega). If I can't think of anything to build I just build a terrain coaster from either of these 2 models. They have so many options for track designs, I just don't get bored of them.
  12. JackFish124

    Rank the B&M Wing Coasters

    1: Thunderbird 2: Gatekeeper 3: X Flight 4: Wild Eagle 5: Raptor Thunderbird is the best by far, followed by Gatekeeper and X Flight with a near tie. Wild Eagle was disappointing. Probably hyped myself up too much and got disappointed. Raptor is a great ride but not the quality of anything...
  13. JackFish124

    Oswald Eguene Counter

    Thanks, I will try out these methods soon!
  14. JackFish124

    Make fun of my favorite roller coaster.

    May i point out that Son of Beast had a steel loop
  15. JackFish124

    Oswald Eguene Counter

    Does anyone have tips on how I could get the counter to go down? I'm at 97 percent and no half way done with the park
  16. JackFish124

    Make fun of my favorite roller coaster.

    Slinky dog dash? The massively over-hyped forceless kiddie coaster. Pathetic. Outlaw Run
  17. JackFish124

    Length of all coasters

    If you took all the coaster tracks (Only full circuit coasters not shuttle coasters). How long would it be
  18. JackFish124

    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    I got 24 rides on Thunderbird at Holiday World on a Sunday, the back row had no line and I got 10 rides without taking off my restraint.
  19. JackFish124

    Are Mantis And Rougarou different credits

    I have rode both Mantis and Rougarou at Cedar Point and should I count them as 2 credits or 1.