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  1. Groot

    Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | RMC IBox Steel Coaster | 2023

    In addition to the fact that Fun Spot is looking to partner with an Atlanta Pro Sports team, I definitely wouldn't discount potentially something that could be larger than TwiCy... Maybe even to the scale of Storm Chaser?? All speculation right now, of course.
  2. Groot

    The Riddler Mindbender at SFOG

    Sounds about right. Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. Groot

    The Riddler Mindbender at SFOG

    My apologies. 😬
  4. Groot

    The Riddler Mindbender at SFOG

    Never mind. 😄 They just confirmed an opening window of Spring 2021 in a response to a tweet... Let's go!!!
  5. Groot

    The Riddler Mindbender at SFOG

    Anyone caught wind of a re-opening date on this one?? I haven't been able to fit on it since I was 18, which is almost 13 years ago, because of my long legs. I actually have missed out on a couple other Schwarzkopf models too, because of my long legs. When they announced Mindbender was getting...
  6. Groot

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2018: - Steel Vengeance - Twisted Cyclone 2019: - Copperhead Strike - Kentucky Flyer - Maxx Force This year was supposed to be an awesome list of coasters ridden during their opening year, but with COVID, who knows what will and what won't happen...
  7. Groot


    @Sky and myself are very on-the-fence about this Live, just because there is so much already happening in May. However, with all of these English friends joining the Live, it might be difficult to say no to joining. :)
  8. Groot

    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    I'm gonna go around and ? emoji as many posts as a I can that @KIFan has :mad:... Because I am Groot, and that's what heroes do. Onion 287!!
  9. Groot

    CANCELLED - Remember the Gal Gadot! | SAN ANTONIO, TX PARKS | 9th - 10th May 2020

    Not only is it our first visit to Texas, but it's our first flight together!! I haven't been on a plane in almost 15 years!
  10. Groot

    CANCELLED - Remember the Gal Gadot! | SAN ANTONIO, TX PARKS | 9th - 10th May 2020

    You should just do the same thing as @Hutch, @Sky, and myself and fly into Dallas on Thursday so we can do SFOT on Friday. Man, I can see it now... Bunch of coaster enthusiasts carpooling together across Texas in a rented van, looking like we're headed to our Pee-wee Soccer match, driven by Papa...
  11. Groot

    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    Not that I hate them, and yes, I'll still ride it and probably enjoy the ride, because the color of the trains have nothing to do with how the ride actually runs, but they could have done so much better on these. Swing and a miss!
  12. Groot

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg Project 2021 - 355ft Height Waiver Filed

    You know what would be ground-breaking, if they did it? A giga with a barrel roll downdrop, built by Intamin. Could you imagine?? ? Something that runs similar to i305 or Millennium Force, but at the predicted height of 355 ft... :oops:
  13. Groot

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    1. Helix (Liseberg) 2. Dueling Dragons (Guangzhou Sunac Land) 3. Zadra (Energylandia) 4. Taron (Phantasialand) 5. Hakugei (Nagashima Spa Land) 6. Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 7. Untamed (Walibi Holland) 8. Wodan Timbur Coaster (Europa Park) 9. Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City) 10...
  14. Groot

    Top Bucket-List Coasters

    Thanks! I was looking for that!
  15. Groot

    Top Bucket-List Coasters

    What are your top 5 bucket list coasters?? 1. Helix (Liseberg) 2. Dueling Dragons; both sides counted as one for this list (Guangzhou Sunac Land) 3. Zadra (Energylandia) 4. Taron (Phantasialand) 5. Hakugei (Nagashima Spa Land)
  16. Groot

    Disney's Hollywood Studios | Star Wars Galaxy's Edge | 2019 Park Expansion

    I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. When they first announced this entire area, it scared me to my very core. I kept thinking, "What if the immersion isn't there? What if they don't get everything as perfect as I think it could be? What if it's just a big, cash-grabbing...
  17. Groot

    Your biggest positive surprise?

    My biggest surprises are: Copperhead Strike: Everything about that ride was just a surprise to me. That was my first ever Jo-jo Roll, and it definitely caught me off-guard the first time. The rest of the ride was really fun and surprising too. The ridiculous hang-time, and the ejector, really...
  18. Groot

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    Dude!! Do your thing! We hope to join you, but if we can all share an Airbnb, or something similar, we'll be almost a sure-thing to be there!! ???
  19. Groot

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    She's already had one near-death experience with me before (separate from the one that occurred at the Live). I don't think she wants to experience that again. ?