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  1. hersheyfan410

    Could Cedar Fair consider relocating Gold Striker from CGA? Where would you like to see it go?

    I think it’s probably 50/50. On one hand, Cedar Fair is a huge chain and they wouldn’t be keen on spending the money to dismantle, transport and rebuild an existing ride, especially a coaster as large as Goldstriker. But on the other hand, they could use the coaster as a headlining attraction at...
  2. hersheyfan410

    Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | RMC IBox Steel Coaster | 2023

    The fact that a coaster of this scale and quality is going to a tiny fun spot park is still hilarious to me. Also, a coaster testing in sub freezing temps will indeed look a tad slow.
  3. hersheyfan410

    Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023

    I think you just about nailed it. GCI has built their reputation on building the best and highest quality wooden rides for over 25 years. I have no doubts they are capable of building an all steel coaster, it just doesn’t make sense to do when there’s dozens of manufacturers who can do that job...
  4. hersheyfan410

    Six Flags Saudi Arabia(?) | Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    It’s definitely possible to visit the country safely, but it seems kinda backwards to me that a country betting it’s future around being a tourist destination also enforces these BS rules that make people feel uncomfortable. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I wouldn’t wanna worry...
  5. hersheyfan410

    Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023

    I agree a spiral lift is awesome! (though unlikely) but correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t this supposed to be a ground up Titan track and therefore not a wooden coaster? Or a wooden GCI with the new infinity flyers? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  6. hersheyfan410

    Theme park books; read anything good lately?

    Not a recent read but I remember my dad brought home a small book documenting the history of Willow Grove Park. It was one of the early ‘trolley parks’ that were once quite common to the area and it was located down the road from my childhood home. Lots of excellent pictures of the place I only...
  7. hersheyfan410

    Your hottest and coldest theme park days

    Hottest: my last visit to Hershey on 6/21 was pushing into the mid 90s F. However, I doubt this is my hottest park visit because I just expect parks to be that hot in the summer so I can’t say for sure. Coldest: Six Flags over Texas was easily the coldest. I was visiting family in the Dallas...
  8. hersheyfan410

    Hershey Park | Wildcat's Revenge | RMC Wildcat | 2023

    About damn time! Hoping for a full GCI retrack like Ghostrider but anything would be better than leaving it as is.
  9. hersheyfan410

    Bosque Mágico closure and ride relocation speculation thread

    Knobels should buy the Whirlwind, I’m sure there’s someone out there who misses it
  10. hersheyfan410

    “Size isn’t everything”… or is it?

    Definitely an interesting topic but IMO track length and ride time seems to influence a ride’s critical reception much more than any other stat like height or speed. Steel Vengeance, Iron Gwazi and Zadra are much longer rides than your average ‘Cyclone’ RMC or the prototype raptors which many...
  11. hersheyfan410

    SeaWorld Orlando | Pipeline: The Surf Coaster | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023

    Those mad lads just couldn’t let the standup die
  12. hersheyfan410

    Magic Mountain Mild Warning

    True I’d probably be a little distracted seeing magic mountains skyline too
  13. hersheyfan410

    Magic Mountain Mild Warning

    Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was a park employee but ya never know with magic mountain/ six flags can’t rely on the staff to help with that kind of stuff. I would seriously recommend getting into the habit of just locking your car up whenever you go somewhere longer than 5-10 minutes...
  14. hersheyfan410

    Your favourite and least favourite indoor coaster

    Favorite: RnR (Orlando) Decent launch, fun inversions and theming the rest of the layout is pretty meh though Least Favorite: Laff Trakk The name is corny even by Hershey standards, the line is usually the longest in the park and the damn thing barely even spins! I think the ride experience is...
  15. hersheyfan410

    How does the anti-rollback system work on vertical lift coasters (Fahrenheit + Eurofighters/Infinity coasters)

    Gotcha that makes sense I figured that’s what the double chain was for. I wasn’t sure if Gerst had a different set up, as I noticed there’s some sort of cable that runs on the side of the lift
  16. hersheyfan410

    Best and Worst Airports

    Been to… Philly Harrisburg Atlanta Denver Orlando Milwaukee Kansas City San Diego Dallas Fort Worth Myrtle beach O’Hare Newark Heathrow Of those Newark is the worst and it’s not even close. If you’ve been there you know why and if you haven’t, well the other airports in NYC are also ****...
  17. hersheyfan410

    How does the anti-rollback system work on vertical lift coasters (Fahrenheit + Eurofighters/Infinity coasters)

    Apologies if this has been asked before but, these rides are difficult if not impossible to evacuate on their lift hills so how do these coasters handle a situation where the lift is stopped? I know that Zierer uses magnetic brake fins that snap into place after the train passes. If anyone has...
  18. hersheyfan410

    What is your favourite traditional (non-RMC or Intamin prefab) wooden coaster?

    For me it's gotta be the Phoenix. I have yet to go on a coaster with more airtime and less restraints
  19. hersheyfan410

    What is the best US state for coasters?

    Yeah I'm not too sure why I forgot to mention Texas. Its one of the few places outside the Northeast I've visited an amusement park.