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  1. Pokemaniac

    TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023

    Let's just say that TusenFryd isn't particularly good at coordinating their announcements. It's completely in character for them to release concept art showing the name, then pretend the name wasn't revealed for months after that, then make a huge fuss out of announcing the name at a later date.
  2. Pokemaniac

    WDW Magic Kingdom | Tron Lightcycle Power Run | Vekoma Motorbike Coaster | 2023

    If anything, this is subtle compared to previous stuff they've had in their parks:
  3. Pokemaniac

    Biggest misnomers in the theme park industry

    Italian Double Loop Coaster, located at Ajwa Fun World and Resort in India. It's not Italian, and it doesn't have any loops.
  4. Pokemaniac

    CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    At that size, you could probably smuggle him along in your breast pocket, and the ride ops would be unlikely to notice anything.
  5. Pokemaniac

    Haichang Ocean Park | Zhengzhou | Marine Theme Park

    So ... stick thread, then?
  6. Pokemaniac

    Steepest Airtime Hill

    Superman Escape straddles the line between airtime hill and top hat, I think:
  7. Pokemaniac

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | 2023

    I hereby pull out the pin that sticks this thread to the top category of the subforum.
  8. Pokemaniac

    Tivoli Friheden - new coaster to replace Cobra

    I decided to split the posts about a new coaster into a different thread. The event that initiated the process of replacing Cobra was a tragedy, and I feel that discussing the new attraction in the same thread that discussed the accident wouldn't be right. There's something that feels...
  9. Pokemaniac

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    I, on the other hand, am quite surprised it lasted as long as it did. Never heard anything good about it, no matter the angle of approach. It sounded like a quite mediocre ride that cost the park a fortune and was a hassle and a half to operate.
  10. Pokemaniac

    Gumbuya World | Unknown | Maurer Skyloop (Relocated Dreamworld BuzzSaw) | 2022

    This surely must have been one of the last coasters to open in 2022. I was initially concerned the thread title would be inaccurate, but no: the coaster opened on December 22:
  11. Pokemaniac

    Your year in review - 2022 edition

    - Coaster count at start of 2022: 43, I think? - Coaster count at end of 2022: If the above is correct, then 44. - New coasters ridden in 2022: One. - New parks visited in 2022: Zero. - Park visits (number of days) in 2022: Two. - Best new-to-you coaster: HuriHuri, by default. - Best...
  12. Pokemaniac

    Top 10(ish): 2023 Edition - page 118

    It's being worked on! I just had a supremely busy November and December last year, so the results will be out in January instead.
  13. Pokemaniac

    TTD Closed, to be "Reimagined"

    Sounds like the type of offer they'd put out, confident that no park that actually has a 400 ft. coaster would ever take them up on it.
  14. Pokemaniac

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | 2023

    Any guesses as to how long it will stay open? I'm half tempted to suggest it will be SBNO from March or so.
  15. Pokemaniac

    CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    Not that different from Boomerang coasters having a lift on their second spike, though.
  16. Pokemaniac

    Six Flags 2023 | Racing P'Sghetti Bowl Coasters at Two Parks?

    How does their claim of having the world's first single rail racing coaster stack up to Desmo Race? Granted, that abomination rarely works as it should, and even when it does it's a bit crap, but it races and has only one rail.
  17. Pokemaniac

    Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park

    It looks phenomenal. Gotta wonder how Disney plans to respond to this too, by the way.
  18. Pokemaniac

    Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024

    Now we've got an alt-account signup hanging in the moderation queue, though. Wonder if Nicky will be banned again if I clean that one up. Eh, I'll continue ignoring it in the hope that Hixee will fix it.
  19. Pokemaniac

    What should Gröna Lund's next major coaster be?

    On the contrary, I'd say a launch coaster would be a good fit. In particular, a swing launch. Those take up less space than lift hills, after all, and can bring the train up to much higher speeds. Apart from the initial launch spike, the coaster doesn't even have to be tall. Look to Ice Breaker...