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  1. jayjay

    Your Top 10 Albums

    Some random website is claiming it's national album day. I don't subscribe to that kind of arbitrary bollocks, but it seems as good a motivation as any to basically copy Howie's favourite films topic. What are your favourite albums?
  2. jayjay

    How Do You Prefer Listening To Music

    Question in the title. There's so many options: are you a beardy vinyl hipster? Prefer throwing on a random Spotify playlist? Got some wax cylinders from the 1920s? Albums, meticulously curated playlists or "shuffle, play all?"
  3. jayjay

    (Portaventura Part 2) The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the James

    CF's resident European explorer and trains nerd is back with another trip report. I'm currently on board a very long train from Alicante to Barcelona, so figured I'd knock out a first trip report to kill the time in between admiring various Spanish mountains and coasts (more of that when I post...
  4. jayjay

    Benelux Long Weekend (Part 4, Plopsaland)

    Another year, another trip report. I'd been craving a return to coasters for a while, so decided on a long weekend in April. The plan: Day 1 - Efteling Day 2 - Duinrell/Drievliet Day 3 - Belgian tourism Day 4 - Plopsaland Day 0/Day 1 - Efteling (In Which jayjay Regresses to a Childlike State)...
  5. jayjay

    Eurovision 2018

    It's that time of year again! Here's a catch-all topic for this year's contest in Lisbon! Who's your favourite? Can the hosts beat Petra and Måns? How ridiculous are the costumes?
  6. jayjay

    Technically Good Coasters You Don't Feel

    This is a topic for those very well crafted coasters. The ones where, on a technical level, you recognise their beatiful design, engineering or importance, but just can't bring yourself to enjoy like other people do. For example, I am not a Katun fan. It's fast, intense, well paced and...
  7. jayjay

    Rides You Appreciate But Don't Love

    I reckon most people have at least one ride that they've done, that they think is perfectly engineered. Maybe it looks great and has perfect pacing and flow, or it's got a lot of history, but for whatever reason, you just can't find any room in your heart to enjoy it so much. Interpret the...
  8. jayjay

    Hopi Hari Suspends Operations

    Brazilian theme park Hopi Hari, home to Alton Tower's old Schwarzkopf Shuttle, Thunderlooper, temporarily suspends operations. No official declaration of it closing for good, but the article describes a park that seems to have been failing for some time. (Could only find Portuguese sources)...
  9. jayjay

    Railing Across Europe

    I like theme parks. I like trains. Last year, I promised myself a long interrailling holiday to combine two things I like, and this April, I've spent two and a half weeks doing exactly that. After months of planning, poring over timetables, putting together a route and booking tickets, I ended...
  10. jayjay

    CF Music Swap

    ENTRIES OPEN - PM MOUSE YOUR CHOICES CF Music Swap: Judge other people's taste in music! Something shamelessly stolen from Reddit, I thought this would be exactly the sort of thing that CF likes. In a nutshell, you give five of your favourite tracks to somebody else, and they will say what...
  11. jayjay

    Do You Judge Your Home Park(s) Differently?

    I was thinking earlier about how CF in general tends to be quite negative on the whole about British parks, and whether that's because of Merlin, the state of the UK industry, or because we take a different approach to thinking about our home parks. So the question is, how do you think about...
  12. jayjay

    VR For Daemonen, Tivoli Gardens

    German Source Translation: I'll admit, though I'm pretty cold on the whole VR concept, the themes and imagery being sold on this sound more inventive than usual. VR Coaster tweeted in response "This will not only be action, it will be art. Huge production value!"
  13. jayjay

    How Much do you Research a Park Before a First Visit?

    You've found a park that's worth visiting. You plan a trip to go and see what it has to offer. Are you the sort of person who just looks at the opening time and entry price, or do you like to see the ride line up, follow construction, and read reviews? I noticed that I tend to stay out of the...
  14. jayjay

    How Does Kärnan Work? (Spoilers)

    I had a search for the answer to this question, but I couldn't find anything useful. Does anyone know how the reverse freefall mechanism works, or could hazard a guess based on construction pics? I've always used the assumption that golden rule number one for lift hills is that the train should...
  15. jayjay

    Great Moments on Average Rides

    Self explanatory title: rides that don't necessarily offer much, but have that one standout moment. Feel free to interpret "average" and "great" however you want. My nomination is Drayton Manor's Shockwave. Specifically the fact that a zero-G roll on a stand up coaster is a tremendously good idea.
  16. jayjay

    Building/Destroying Anticipation

    I've always found that my enjoyment of a ride will be altered by how well prepared I am for it. Whether through the queueline, the visuals, or just having to wait a little bit for it, I'm put in an immediate good mood before I've stepped into the train. What makes a good build of anticipation...
  17. jayjay

    Northern Europe Cred-Hunt - Pt 4, Liseberg

    A while back, the live dates for Sweden were announced and now that I have the resources to do so, I started looking around for things to build onto the live. Most of the Kolmården group decided to do Liseberg and Gröna Lund, but I started noticing other places I could get to easily. "And I can...
  18. jayjay

    Can a Ride be so Bad it's Good?

    Everyone knows the idea of "so bad it's good." Usually a film or TV series that's enjoyable to see just how badly wrong everything is (like The Room or Plan 9 from Outer Space). I thought of this topic coming back from Thorpe having done X. Back when it was X:No Way Out, it was that special...
  19. jayjay

    Question for the British Members

    Just a thought that came into my head that might make an interesting question. Do you identify yourself by your constituent country or by the nation as a whole? I suppose the foreign members could chip in if you want if there's an equivalent sort of thing in your country (States v USA perhaps...
  20. jayjay

    Alton Towers Bus Stops

    Trying to plan out transport for the coming CF Live. Very quick question, on the timetables for the buses to Uttoxeter station, it has 2 stops listed for Alton Towers. Where are "Alton Towers MHQ" and "Alton Towers Plaza?" Thanks.