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  1. TheCoasterCruiser

    Legoland Deutschland | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    Presumably the idea here has been to introduce inversions in the most family friendly way by taking these at slow, gradual speeds. But is that necessarily more comfortable than at greater speeds? Is hangtime family friendly? I think that's an interesting thought.
  2. TheCoasterCruiser

    PortAventura | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2023

    Happy to see that 😍 The quite wide 2-tube track also lends itself to the Multi Dimension Coaster theory:
  3. TheCoasterCruiser

    Liseberg | Luna | Vekoma Family Boomerang | 2023

    ^ What an emotional roller coaster. Glad to hear that though! Was a bit sad about how Colossos rode after the re-track (haven't ridden it since spring 2019).
  4. TheCoasterCruiser

    Portaventura Being Sold Back to Universal? Rumour!

    Made up or not, I do see why it could be of interest to Universal. They have yet to bring the Wizarding World to Europe and buying PA, could be one of the more sensible ways to do that.
  5. TheCoasterCruiser

    Dollywood | Big Bear Mountain | Vekoma Family Launched Coaster | 2023

    Could this be a next-gen Vekoma Motorbike coaster? It's been stated for some time on their website that their working on a new version of the model:
  6. TheCoasterCruiser

    (Family) Suspended Coaster @ Slagharen

    That actually looks a bit like a mirrored version of DrageKongen's layout...
  7. TheCoasterCruiser

    Parques Reunidos Opinions

    Hope it's okay that I resurrect this thread with some positive news. BonBon-Land issued a press release yesterday stating that they've turned a profit for the first time in 15 years! This is fantastic news to me and absolutely warms my heart. CEO of BonBon-Land, Lars Fahlmann comments in the...
  8. TheCoasterCruiser

    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    Yes please. Here we ****ing go.
  9. TheCoasterCruiser

    Vekoma testing something new ? (at their testing facility)

    I was by the factory yesterday and thought I'd take some of the weight off of @MrRC 's shoulders and post a couple of shots. It looked really cool in person and especially in the gorgeous Dutch weather. Quite a bit of track can also be spotted. But as can be seen from the second photo, they're...
  10. TheCoasterCruiser

    TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023

    This is good news! Gives me a glimmer of hope for something similar happening in BonBon-Land. Where did you find the concept art?
  11. TheCoasterCruiser

    Furuviksparken 2023

    I really doubt that. Parks & Resorts Scandinavia are usually pretty conscious about quality. The prototype of this thing literally derailed in the neighbouring country, I don't think they've forgotten that.
  12. TheCoasterCruiser

    Furuviksparken 2023

    I'm thinking an Intamin Hot Racer might make sense here.
  13. TheCoasterCruiser

    Fantawild Parks | China | Many Theme Parks

    Considering the height of this, I'm so impressed with how much coaster they've gotten out of it, including a great layout and amazing flow!
  14. TheCoasterCruiser

    Furuviksparken 2023

    Something is apparently brewing in the northern part of Sweden. Given the early announcement, I think we're looking at a pretty big investment here and it might very well be a coaster, especially since Rocket closed last year.
  15. TheCoasterCruiser

    Holiday Park | Tomorrowland Area + Ride | 2025

    I would be very surprised if it's even an Extreme Spinner. I suspect Plopsa would want to keep the novelty in De Panne. Exciting news though, there's definitely a lot more to explore with that theme.
  16. TheCoasterCruiser

    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    And an airtime hill behind it too! Very sneaky indeed!
  17. TheCoasterCruiser

    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    Yes!! I am so happy to hear that! Coolest project name ever <3
  18. TheCoasterCruiser

    Fårup Sommerland | Fønix | Vekoma | 2022

    And here is the first real Front-Seat POV!
  19. TheCoasterCruiser

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    So happy they've sold one of these <3 This iteration also looks quite elaborate!
  20. TheCoasterCruiser

    Hayy Al Sharq | Oman | Theme Park Resort

    Yeah, that is some delightfully specific concept artwork <3